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Zimbabwe: Authorities push to extradite American killer of Cecil Lion

Zimbabwe’s environment minister Oppah Muchinguri has said his country is working around the clock to have the American dentist who killed Cecil the lion extradited to Zimbabwe.

The announcement made Friday is the first official comment from Zimbabwe following Cecil’s killing which grabbed worldwide attention this week.Muchinguri said Prosecutor General had started the process to have 55-year-old Walter Palmer extradited from the United States. He described Cecil as an exceptional black-maned lion renowned by tourists in the Hwange National Park, as an "iconic attraction".

Cameroon: 2000 Nigerians Sent Home In Fight against Boko Haram

Thousands of illegal Nigerians who have been living illegally in Cameroon have been deported as part of new security initiatives aimed at preventing further attacks by Boko Haram Militants.Regional newspaper L'Oeil du Sahel reported that about 2,500 Nigerians had been "rounded up" in Kousseri, in the far north of Cameroon, and sent back to their country on Thursday.

Colombia: Airforce plane crashes killing 11 people

At least 11 people were killed on Friday after a Colombian airforce plane crashed caused by what officials say was due mechanical problems, AFP reported on adding that earlier in the day, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos had announced that 12 people died in the mishap, but officials walked that figure back a short time later.

UK: Four killed as Saudi-registered private jet crashes in Hampshire

During an attempt to land at Blackbushe Airport in Yateley, a Saudi-registered private jet - which was arriving from Italy – crashed  at a car auction site in Hampshire  killing four people on Friday, according to BBC.

According to reports, the pilot and all three passengers were killed but no-one on the ground was injured, Hampshire Constabulary said.

US: Uber taxi booking service to invest US$1billion in India

According to a BBC report on Friday, UBER, the taxi booking service has said it will invest $1bn (£0.64m) to expand its business in India.The US company reportedly wants to use the money to expand to more cities and invest in new products and payment solutions.

BBC says the decision comes after the firm in June said it wanted to invest the same amount in China, also to expand to more cities in the country.Earlier in the year, Uber was banned in India after rape accusations against one of its drivers.

Uganda: Ex- Premier Amam Mbabazi to run for President as Independent Candidate

Former Prime President of Uganda, Mr. Amam Mbabazi has abandoned his earlier ambition to challenge President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni for the National Resistence Movement (NRM) at primaries as the party candidate for the 2016 general elections.

In a press conference, Mr. Mbabazi  reportedly said he will not contest for presidency on the NRM ticket on grounds that the party primaries are illegal, according to Daily Monitor’s report on Friday.

Ebola vaccine 100 % effective protection-trial results show

In what is seen as mooting "the beginning of the end" of the killer West African outbreak, an Ebola vaccine provided 100-percent protection in a field trial in hard-hit Guinea, researchers and officials said Friday, Daily Nation reported Friday citing an AFP source.

Hailing the results from the first efficacy test of the VSV-ZEBOV vaccine among people living in a high-danger zone, the World Health Organization (WHO) reportedly  said, The world is "on the verge of an effective Ebola vaccine,".

"This is an extremely promising development," added WHO chief Margaret Chan.

Nigeria: 5 killed in suicide bomb attack in Friday market in northeastern Nigeria

At least five people are dead after a suicide bomber struck in Gamboru market on Friday, reports from the town of Maiduguri in northeastern Nigeria said according to VOA.

A reporter with VOA quoted witnesses to Friday's bombing as saying a number of people were injured as well. Although no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, VOA says the region is a hotbed of Boko Haram activity. Boko Haram has carried out a string of such assaults in the area that have killed hundreds in recent weeks.

China will not withdraw embassy from Somalia- Chinese ambassador

Chinese ambassador Wei Tianhong has said China will not withdraw embassy from Somalia after after a deadly terror attack hit Chinese embassy last week, wargeyska news quoted the official microblog of China’s national TV network.

The Chinese ambassador reportedly said that he and other staff members will overcome difficulties and adhere in Somalia to continue promoting bilateral relations.

On the afternoon of July 26, an attacker drove a car rigged with bombs into the gate of theJazeera Palace Hotel, where the suicide bombing took place, as it housed the embassy of China.

Drone with wingspan of Boeing 737, can fly upto 90,000 built by Facebook for internet access

Facebook is set to test its drone later this year, an equipment which has a wingspan of a Boeing 737 – and will operate as high as 90,000 feet in the air, and can stay airborne for 90 days at a time, BBC reported Friday.

The drone is expected to bring internet connectivity to remote parts of the world, the social network has announced according to BBC. Facebook reportedly said the drones would be able to offer internet speeds of 10 gigabits a second.