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SomaliNet Interaction Area (Communities, Business Exchange, Forum, Chat, etc) give our valued members a place to meet, interact, and share ideas with each other. Just like any other public place, you may have different opinions than others.

You can make your interaction with others very productive and enjoying by following these simple rules:

* Do not harass, abuse, or threaten others members;
* Do not post content that is obscene or otherwise objectionable;
* Try to stay on topic. If you want to discuss a topic that is not related to the community area in which you are participating, try going to another topic area or create a new one;
* Refrain from using these community services for commercial or advertising purposes.
* Don\'t post copyrighted content without permission from the owner. Adult-oriented is not permitted unless the page explicitly has \"Adult oriented\" sign;
* We do not edit the content in our public forums. Postings that violate the Terms of Service, which contain additional rules that govern SomaliNet services, may also lead to the deletion, without notice, of your articles, user ID and password. Repeated offences may result banning you from parts of SomaliNet.

Core Values

OUR GOLDEN RULE: Treat Other Members as you would like to be treated. (As individuals and professionals)

RESPECT: The respect you give should be the respect you receive. Everyone deserves to be treated professionally and should treat others likewise. Show fairness & equality in all aspects of the forum. We should all treat each other as equals regardless.
We are all important to the process and have worth.

HONESTY/INTEGRITY/LOYALTY: Speak honestly and truthfully with tact, understanding and compassion. Demonstrate loyalty to Forum members.
Be loyal to the person who is absent.

EMBRACE UNIQUENESS: Accept that all forum members are essential individuals and should be allowed to voice an opinion even if it differs from your own. Be open to new ideas. When providing criticism/suggestions or opinions, strive to be constructive and focus on the problem not the individual. When receiving criticism/suggestions/opinions, listen to understand. When problems issues arise, work together, instead of blaming.

ACCOUNTABILITY: You are accountable for your actions. Whether small or large, it is a reflection of you. Be responsible and responsive.

LEAD BY EXAMPLE: Everyone should demonstrate a positive attitude. It\'s infectious! We should have a willingness to learn and share with others. Don\'t ask others to do any more or less than what you would be willing to do yourself. Be a problem solver. Be \"in control\"; not out of it- \"Think\" before you act.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Offer praise and recognition whenever appropriate. Create positive attitudes and an energized environment. Celebrate the success of others.

TEAM: Together/Everyone/Achieves/More

Have Fun!!!