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Western Somali vs Traditional

Talooyinka Guud

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Western Somali vs Traditional

Postby Idiotabroad » Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:03 am

What are the differences between settling down with a western somali girl who favors English vs a traditional somali girl.

Ive recently moved to Europe and met a beautiful Somali girl who I get along with just fine, except she doesnt speak much English.

My somali is good enough that we have solid communication, and since Im here a while I wouldnt mind learning a bit of the scandinavian dialects.

If we were to get married she would have to learn English because she knows I ultimately have to travel back to an English speaking country, she says no big deal

I just want to know if the advantages of marrying someone like her is worth that one language aspect as opposed to marrying a more westernised English speaking Somali girl

I think someone like her is a very good match for me as Im very much more comfortable with being the more masculine, dominant, provider role and she is happy to play her role with house affairs; although she does work at a hospital as well. She likes me alot and I can see her showing alot of affection as well.

My Somali friends told me theyre more frigid but I dont believe that at all. Plus, as a man if you dont know how to turn on a woman that does not mean she is frigid. I think most of those guys just lack game.

On top of that, I would be ridiculed by western somali guys and girls I know for marrying a "freshie." Why does this bother me??

Are the more westernised, English speaking somali girls as good a match as the more traditional ones? I dont want this to backfire if there are blind spots I cant see right now. I want some advice from older heads here who've seen both types of somali girls.

Sorry for the long post, and I had to post here as relationships advice forum has been dead for a while now

Thanks in advance

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Re: Western Somali vs Traditional

Postby LiquidHYDROGEN » Thu Oct 08, 2015 7:39 am

I think you've answered the question yourself. If you like each other, are a good match and you can understand one another, then marry whoever you want. Why should you care about other people's opinions? They're not going to be involved in the relationship. Just don't rush anything. Somali always make the mistake of marrying somebody they barely even know.


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