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Hey Niggaz, ciid is coming but who wants to fight!

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 10:16 pm
by Nolol cusub
South African blacks are wacking Somalis in South Africa. It is time we drag some South African Niggaz.

We see Black South African ass WE KICK IT HARD......

These niggaz need to be taught that they can do shit to Somalis in South Africa. And if they do we do shit to ZUULUS,in everywhere

Fuck the slave Zuulus, Fuck South African slaves.

When it is between Zulu savages and street dragging Somali warrior. We are with the warrior.


Ciid Mubaarak.

Don't forget to kick some .....


we should rule over all you are not somali....

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2006 2:26 pm
by slipknot
we somali's are a proud race of africans we were the only africans who were not made into slaves or turned into animals......but alas most of our people are acting like the inferior blacks who listen to rap music abuse drugs and even forget their deen. i am a somali who loves his country , who loves his relgion but to a point not like those mullahs....i am SOMALI and before we could attack or harm other people . we should harm and attack the gay somali's, the christian somali's , the nigger dating somali's the somali's who have abandoned their people should be attacked first before we do anything. only when somalilanders unite that we could destroy our enemies and make slaves of the weak ( i respect and love bantu somali's because they are our people and they tend to act more like somali's then the somali's who come from poweerful clans.)