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If you could read please do..........

Dhalinta N America

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If you could read please do..........

Postby slipknot » Fri May 04, 2007 10:42 am

Aslaam to all my brothers and sisters out there,
As a somalilander i do believe that the state of the country needs upstanding ,young, smart people to lead it. After reading some of the pure B***$hit and bad spelling i have come to a conculsion.SOMALILAND is doomed, why i say that? because what i see now is that somali's in general act like uneducated apes.Most of the crap i read is about music? h*es? and other useless stuff. Most somali's like r&b and rap shit and i tell you this is not our music and culture and somali's who tend to follow that life style tend to be slow minded , dumb and inferior.My point is your so called "black" music is pure crap and makes no sense and thier music could never compare to our well cultured sound. african americans even are united and go around calling each other nigga..............for the 1 million time ALL SOMALI'S WHO CALL EACH OTHER NIGGA AND NOT BROTHER OR COUSIN IS NO BETTER THEN THESE DRUGGED UP FILTHY NO GOOD LAZY NIGGERS.My ancestor never was on no ship , my ancestor was not a slave or picked cotton....MY ANCESTOR WAS BRAVE,GOD FEARING AND FREE IN HIS OWN LAND WITH HIS PEOPLE , HALF THESE SOMALI APES WHO THINK THEY ARE AFRO AMERICAN SHOULD INTERBREED AND BE TREATED LIKE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS HERE IN WONDERFUL AMERICA OR EUROPE AND BE CALLED NIGGER ALL THEY WANT.
If any somali who as any common sense and deen please talk to your brothers and sisters and tell them we all have to stick together in this country and help one another.If any somali has the guts and nerve to complain about what i wrote, please do write back and for information i do not reply to letters that are Ebonic, cuss words or anything out of this subject.I do apologies for the long forum but i had to say something just reading pure trash on this forum sure does takes a toll on the human brain.


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