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Black Seed Oil

Nolosha Qofka Muslimka Ah

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Black Seed Oil

Postby qadadah66 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:35 pm

We know black seed or it's oil is a cure for all diseases by death as the prophet Muhammad pbuh said. I have have Hodgkin's lymphoma since I was fourteen years old and now I am 26 years olds and the disease is still there and recently it's getting worse. I tried a lot of different things including black seed oil or the herb itself and I have not been able to get cured from this disease. I used to think black seed alone is the cure but what I learned after years of trying things is not no one herb alone is the cure. So when the prophet pbuh said it's a cure for all diseases I believe it is but for it to work it needs to be combined with other herbs, spices of foods. Typically natural medicine only work when combined with other things. What I found to reduce the size of the tumors or slow it's growth is habanaro powder. I took a lot for years that I developed a severe ulcer which I have for 8 months now. I stopped all chemo and radiation treatment years ago and I hope Allah will help me find a cure for my problem. I made a video talking about where I bought black seed oil the first time but I only advise that place if you are treating basic conditions not for serious problem like cancer. For cancer I think the whole herb is best not the oil or a dark colored oil.


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