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I would like to say this is mine, but it is Ghazali's (aun)

Arimaha Salaada

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I would like to say this is mine, but it is Ghazali's (aun)

Postby Warsan_Star_Muslimah » Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:54 pm

O Allah, I ask for mercy from You, by which You guide my heart, by which You rebuild my integrity, by which You help me recover myself from confusion, by which You keep trails away from me, by which You restore my piety, by which You purify my work, by which You give me honor, by which You inspire me with my right course, and by which You guard me against every evil.
O Allah, give me a sincere faith and certitude, which admit no return to unbelief. Give me the compassion by which I reach the honor of receiving Your grace in this world and the next.
O Allah, I ask You for success according to Your decree, for the ranks of martyrs, for the way of living of the happy ones, for victory over enemies, and for association with prophets.
O Allah, I submit my need to You. Verily my intellect is weak, my artifice small, my work falls short, and I am in need of Your compassion. I ask You, O Protector of affairs, O Healer of breasts, to grant me protection from the punishement of the blazing flame and from the call to predition, and from the trails of graves, as You grant protection to the seas.
O Allah, the favour for which my intellect is too short, and for which my work is too weak, and which my intention and aspiration do not reach; the favour which You have promised to any of Your servants, or the favour which You bestow upon any of Your creatures ----- this favour I request of You and this favor I ask of You, O lord of the worlds. O Allah, make us guides and guided, and not astray and misguiding, in war against Your foes and in peace with Your friends. We love, through Your love, those of Your creatures who obey You, and we fight, through Your hostility, against those of Your creatures who disobey You.
O Allah, this is the supplication and the answer belongs to You. This is effort [on our side] and dependence is on You. "Verily to You we belong and to You we return." (2:156) There is no might and power save in Allah, the Exalted, the Magnificent, the Possessor of the strong rope and the upright command. I ask You for security on the Day of Threat and for Paradise on the Day of Eternity, together with those who are brought near [to God] and witnessing, and those who often bow and prostrate, and keep their convenants.
Verily You are commpassionate and affectionate, and You do what You will, Glory be to Him Who wears might as a garment and speaks in it! Glory be to Him Who alone is qualified to monopolize glorification! Glory to be the Possessor of grace and favours! Glory be to the Possessor of might and generosity! Glory be to Him Who counts everything in His Knowledge.
O Allah, give me light in my heart, a light in my grave, a light in my ear, a light in my eye, a light in my hair, a light in my skin, a light in my flesh, a light in my blood, a light in my right side, a light in my left side, a light above me, a light below me. O Allah give me more light. Give me light. Make me light.

Amiin ya rabb. BTW he would say this after praying the two non-obligatory dawn prayer. :up:



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