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Where is Maakhir Warsangeli state located ?

Daily chitchat.

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Re: Where is Maakhir Warsangeli state located ?

Postby Midhisho » Tue Aug 07, 2007 7:21 am

Hi CartanBoss

Peace I am not hating but its time some of you get your facts right for the sake of peace .But former goverment psositions in the faqash era is not going to help you estabilish a anything today.
I would also recommend you to read more about the SNM and Ceerigaabo 1994 what happened changed the course of Sanaag .
And third I feel sorry for you if you believe Jidali its possible to build a port right north for Jidali , have you heard of the Surud mountains ? take a look its over 2000 meters down to ocean level so there goes the port fantasy .
what happened in Sanaag 1991 .

By Rakiya Omaar
African Rights

Elsewhere patient diplomacy has done much to improve relations between different communities. Sanaag region, where Isaaks and the Darod clashed in the 1980s, was a potential flashpoint. In addition to the bitter legacies of the war, Darod clans were pushed out of Erigavo by the Habr Yunis (Isaak), which they had held during the war with government assistance. They also lost some of the grazing reserves and water-reservoirs they had recently acquired. Fighting erupted in 1991 and ended when elders arranged a ceasefire. It was agreed to discuss the details of peace agreements in later peace talks.

And fourth as early as 1989 SNM exstended its territory 50 km from Ceerigaabo and the ports of Xiis and Maydh where SNM navy units where patrolling.
So when you are locked up from west and north by Hundegal SNM .
And then it was the Surud mountains ..... thats far down.


Be real brother.
But I like the determanition you have , thats why you guys are one of my favorites.
Atleast you are more than warsangeli in population.

Cartan Boss
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Re: Where is Maakhir Warsangeli state located ?

Postby Cartan Boss » Tue Aug 07, 2007 8:16 am

Hi Midhisho
It is only 25km from Jidali to the sea and we will find a way to overcome the Surad or Golis mountains

Rakiya Omaar is a Huuno she is from Gabilay she knows nothing about Sanaag. U forgetting about that famous agreement between AFARTA BEELOOD(HY, Warsangeli, HJ, Dhuloos) in 1994. Remember couple months ago SL VP Axmed Yasin begged beelaha South Sanaag(dhuloos) and East Sanaag(Warsangeli) to close the border.

If u from Ceeri u know who owns the best Hotels in Town. Hotel Surad & Hotel Royal=Naleye Axmed.
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SomaliNet Heavyweight
SomaliNet Heavyweight
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Re: Where is Maakhir Warsangeli state located ?

Postby halfoshalfom-614 » Tue Aug 07, 2007 8:18 am

majeerteen state up darvish state up maakhir state up 3 harti states karbaashin freakin iiiiiiidoooooooooooooooooor indeed..................harti power Smile Smile

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Posts: 364
Joined: Mon Aug 06, 2007 5:30 pm
Location: Republic of Somaliland and bounty states of former buntland

Re: Where is Maakhir Warsangeli state located ?

Postby Midhisho » Tue Aug 07, 2007 8:40 am

Cartan boss

A couple of months ago the elders of Warsangeli and Dholbahante signed the agreement , but it seems like you guys are breaking it.
Whats the difference between present Somaliland and the raging SNM ? .
Its all about politics .

Jidali has no passage to see .
right under the mountain range of Surud resides lineages of Habr Yuniz all the way to Maydh . besides Jidali is actually around 43 km from the Ocean virtually.
But techincally its impossible .
You dont even own the land or the trepassing of the mountain range.

Also Both the former agreement + hotels and this new one from the VP will have no value unless you guys respect it and become a part of Somaliland in reality.
Think about it how great it would be .
What have you gained from Puntland honestly ?
They have " signed " away all your tribal land for 50 million dollars .

For example if we could split Sanaag into two regions
Sanaag and another one for example Maakhir .
We would gain alot more cooperating .
Under the flag of Somaliland .

I'll give you a hint Berbera and its inhabitors .
The revenue from the port was as 30 000 dollars mid 1990s .
Its national and bringing in alot more today .


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