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The future of Sool and Warsangeli Maakhir

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The future of Sool and Warsangeli Maakhir

Postby Midhisho » Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:58 pm

Answer to Cartan boy and everyone who is interested in the Sool and Maakhir issue.

A couple of months ago the elders of Warsangeli and Dholbahante signed the JSL peace and unity agreement , but it seems like you guys are breaking it.
Whats the difference between present Somaliland and the raging SNM ? .
Its all about politics .
Jidali has no passage to see .
right under the mountain range of Surud resides lineages of Habr Yuniz all the way to Maydh . besides Jidali is actually around 43 km from the Ocean virtually.
But techincally its impossible .
You dont even own the land or the trepassing of the mountain range.
Dont forget man that its also over 2200 m over ocean level .

Also Both the former agreement + hotels and this new one from the VP will have no value unless you guys respect it and become a part of Somaliland in reality.
Think about it how great it would be .
What have you gained from Puntland honestly ?
They have " signed " away all your tribal land for 50 million dollars .
For example if we could split Sanaag into two regions
Sanaag and another one for example Maakhir .
We would gain alot more cooperating .
Under the flag of Somaliland .
I'll give you a hint Berbera and its inhabitors .
The revenue from the port was as 30 000 dollars mid 1990s .
Its national and bringing in alot more today .

But I clearest point people is
I dont really care if this maakhir thing works out its just that the
map warsangelis made is FAKE and they try to claim more land than they own.
We cannot have any form of understanding with these people when they behave like this. Frankly I am tired of both Dhulos and Warsans , If they dont want to be part of Somaliland let them take their tribal areas and see how tough it is to live independent.
Forget Hargeisa , Burco , SL airports , forget Berbera port and highway ,
And most of all say goodbye to that Dahabshiil hospital project in Las Anod , it would have been the only real hospital in whole of Sool.
No more communication , trade , friendship.
Good luck relying on Garowe
I remember when dhulos fought Nugaal mj's they choosed the long way to Burco hospital for good reasons ...
yeps its sad that you guys dont want what could have been the best for you.
The time that is coming now could be the most important of Sools future.

Its up to you and your odayaals in october .

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SomaliNet Super
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Re: The future of Sool and Warsangeli Maakhir

Postby BABYGIRL123 » Tue Aug 07, 2007 7:29 pm

War Shut The Hell Up Nac Nac da Ka Badate Nobody In Somalinet Specialy People Like You Filled With Hatred Can Change Any Tribes Political Views Back In Africa.

And Dahabshil Has Busineses In Lasanod It Seems Right That He Should Give Back To The Community In Helping The Project To Expand Lasanod Hospital It was Already Planned We Even Raised Money For It So Go take Your Shit Somewhere Else.


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