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Bush May Bypass UN With Tough Sanctions Against Iran

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 8:05 pm
by *jr
Here we go! By pass the UN and you are free to attack anyone you Iraq


Source: The Times UK

President Bush is prepared to bypass the United Nations and instead work with European allies on imposing tougher sanctions against Iran’s defiant stance on its nuclear programme.

He is understood to be increasingly frustrated by the snail-pace progress of four months-long talks with Russia and China over punishing Tehran for failing to comply with successive Security Council resolutions. The west fears that Iran’s avowed determination to secure nuclear energy is cover for pursuit of a military programme.

But, even as officials from the US, Russia, China, France Britain and Germany met in Washington today to consider the next steps, diplomats admitted that America and the three European powers might be forced to “go it alone”.

Such a decision would represent a significant crack in the united front the world has so far presented to Iran. It would also be seen as evidence of the tensions within the Bush administration over how far the US will follow the diplomatic route rather take a military option - which hawks have determinedly kept “on the table”.

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