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Postby jamalllll » Sun Oct 07, 2007 7:12 am

Since time immemorial ,man has had to struggle to survive. Everywhere man turns ,dangers await him. Man has not only had to defend himself from nature, other animals, ignorance and his own base instincts but also his fellow citizens -HIS brothers and sisters. It is truly amazing and miraculous, if you ask me, that man has even managed to come this far.

Like all other living things man has had to change, as it were , to survive in his ever changing environment. What is even sad now is that ,in my opinion ,the changing circumstances are changing so fast that those like us who have not been keeping pace with change may not be able to do so anymore.

Furthermore, those that keep pace with change have emerged superior in many ways than one and sadly they have chosen to use this as an advantage to command ever-increasing share of the necessities of life. Whether this is just or not ,fair or not ,right or not is here not the question but the failure to see that things could be different for everyone and that access to is more important than acquisition and that most of the wealth that the world has to offer is getting buried even deeper by our ways rather than it being liberated.

Two ways of life have emerged for us Somalis.

One , those that have given up on it and chosen to leave responsibility for their upkeep to the state.

Two ,those that have not accepted defeat and have decided to do something about it ,only to find out to their shock that they will also fail - only they did not know. This is because we have joined into a highway ill-equipped and badly designed. We neither have the knowledge or skills nor the discipline for this high speed life. We are like old fiesta’s on this highway ;we cannot keep up with the speeds and our drivers don’t have the skills or knowledge to manoeuvre safely ,so we get crushed either way.

I wish better luck to our youth than we have had ...AAAMIIN.

Are our youngsters going to follow our lead ?

Where are we then leading ?


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