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Postby yawle » Sat Oct 18, 2008 9:43 pm

It is true, Italy developed Somalia's infrustracture because Somalia was one of only 3 places that Italy ever colonised. But I am 100% certain anyone who lived under the Italian rule of South would tell you the opposite.

The Italians are known for being racists, although they are Midgaans of Europe, as they are known as WOGS.

In Mogadishu the Italians used to employ aparthied. In buses, the Somalis would be secluded in the back and the Italians would be in the front seperated by "Daah". In the city, there was Italians Only Restruants in which if a Somali enters he would get flogged in the day light.

The only Somalis in the Italian neighborhoods of Mogadishu were the boyayso or housemaids.

In the plantations, the Italians would be the overseers and the Somalis would be in the field ploughing.

In Somaliland, the British really colonised it just by name only. There were hardly any British people in Somaliland. Only a number of officers stationed in the Governor's house in Berbera and Hargeisa.

The only time the British tried to interfere with the internal affairs of the Somaliland people was when they tried to introduce the taxation system. All the Somaliland clans including the Dhulbahante and Warsangali and all other Isaaq clans agreed, but the Habaryoonis clansmen gave the British the big finger and literally told him to screw themselves.

The British army and a couple of thousand Somali soldiers attacked the Habaryoonis Sultan's army which were position in Bandarwanaag area between Hargeisa and Burco. A big battle took place in which the Habaryoonis army defeated the colonial coalition forces.

The Habaryoonis poet and other Garxajis poets wrote poem about the battle including this one:

Maxamed Caws (Yawle), HY Poet, says refering to Arche/Caarshe (Governor of Somaliland,)

Ilaa Ceerigaabiyo nugaal, Caynabiyo Dhooddi
Ama cal iyo Buurdhaabo, iyo cidhifka Heegaale
Miyaanaan canshuurtuu la yimi, Caarshe kaga diidin

Xassan Tarrabi says:
Cishadii la gubay qayradii cobosha yaa laayey
Caarshiyo raggay Dawladii ciir ka qubi weydey
Anagaa ka sii ciidan badan cidi ma kaa yeeli

Governor Somaliland Arche scrabbed the Taxation plan after the Habaryoonis refusal to participate.

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Postby QansaGabeyle » Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:06 pm

Crackers are all the same. I would never trust any of them. And may all those who died fighting them go to paradise.


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