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Max'ed Dheere goes to Switzerland for life.....

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Max'ed Dheere goes to Switzerland for life.....

Postby Somalian_Boqor » Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:12 am

Max'ed Cumar Xabeeb Max'ed Dheere goes to Switzerland for life. :lol:
Col Cumar Xaashi is dead, Inda Cade Injuried, my question is who is leading the fight on behalf of the Government?

Muqdisho:Gudoomiyihi hore ee G/Banaadir Max'ed Cumar Xabeeb Max'ed Dheere oo magangalyo siyaasadeed kutagay dalka Switzerland
22. juni 2009


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Muqdisho(AllPuntland)-Gudoomiyihi horee ee G/Banaadir Max'ed Cumar Xabeeb max'ed dheere ayaa magangalyo siyaasadeed ka helay dalka Switzerland isaga iyo xubno qoyskiisa ah oo gaaraya ilaa 10-ruux.

Max'ed Dheere oo maalmahan joogay dalka Kenya ayaa waxaa la sheegay in safaarada sitzerland ee Nairobi uu ka codsaday in ay magan galyo siiyaan isaga iyo ehelkiisa taas oo ugu dambeyn loo aqbalay.

Max'ed Dheere aya maanta waxaa dalkaas ku soo dhaweeyey jaaliyada beesha Mudulood oo u sameesay martiqaad , waxaana la dajiyey hotel ku yaala magaal madaxda Swetzerland.

Gudoomiyihi hore ee G/Banaadir ayaa waxaa safarkiisa ku wehlinaya walaalkii Axmed Cumar Xabeeb "Jaandhay" iyo sagaal qof oo kale oo isugu jira eheldiisa hoose iyo saraakil la soo shaqeysay.

Waa marki ugu horey ee uu Max'ed Dheere tago dal Yurub ka mid ah lamana oga in uu siyaadada ka fariistay iyo in kale.

Xasan Alqeys


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