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Postby Daanyeer » Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:26 am

“Repent Amarillo”, or These Christian Jihadists Will Probably Kill You!

Source: http://onemansblog.com/2010/03/08/repen ... -kill-you/

Mar 08, 2010 - 11:23pm by John P. in News, Politics, Thoughts

Ahhh, this is a strange story. It begins as the tale of a “church” in Amarillo that wants to get rid of a swingers club. But after peering a little deeper it seems evident to me that the religious group in this case is really just the thin disguise for a hate group led by their “pastor” David Grisham,”…a security guard at nuclear-weapons facility Pantex who moonlights as a pastor.”

By the end of this story you are going to be wondering if you want David Grisham guarding the nation’s nuclear weapons facility. More importantly you are going to wonder how many of the people running that facility are just like David Grisham! But I digress…

The “church” is called Repent Amarillo, and it comes complete with a military style website modeled after the US Army, and a hate map of all of their current targets including not only sex establishments but businesses, churches, masonic lodges, Islamic centers, Buddhist temples….

In their own words:

“…we cannot stand by and watch 67,000 of our neighbors walking through the gates of hell.”

So they intend to target and harass anyone who does not believe as they do until they either drive them out of Amarillo or force them to capitulate. Ruining lives, and stripping people of their constitutional right to freedom of religion. You know, whatever it takes to save you from yourself! (Or run you out of town if you don’t come around eventually.)

Here is a short video covering the tactics employed by Repent Amarillo:

And here is a nice little sit-down with David Grisham. He will dazzle you wish his ability to recall a quote from the bible! And it’s a good thing that he explains to us that the fact there is a church on every corner is no reason to feel spiritually safe!

I love the way he really gets stuck on the “sexual morality” issue. I mean, coming from a guy who has been married four times, and in his own words admits:

“I was a sexual sinner before I got saved. I got saved seven years ago. Prior to that‚ yeah, I’ve been to strip joints and porn shops. I’ve done all kinds of things” he says. “We understand the destructive power of sin firsthand. We’ve lived it. We’ve walked in those shoes.” These days he’s celebrating Repent’s victory over the swinger’s club. “We felt it was like the tip of the spear for sexual immorality for the devil in Amarillo,” he says. “So we went after that specifically, and we exposed it so it would wither and die. And it has.”

I love it when someone has partied enough for a lifetime and really, really lived it up till they get it all out of their system, and THEN decide they are going to prevent anyone else from doing what they just did!

By the way, I do have a small question. If these psychos are doing all of this in the name of Jesus and love, can someone explain the purpose of harassing people, making them miserable, causing them to lose their jobs, etc? I mean really, where in the bible did Jesus say, “I am the light, the way, and if you don’t follow me then my minions will make your life a living hell! Until you die and go to the real one…” I guess all that stuff about just ignoring non-believers and moving on was a bunch of crap, right?

Anyway, if you want to chime in and try to help the folks in Lubbock you can join a facebook group called Amarillo Citizens Against Repent Amarillo. Even if you aren’t from Amarillo just knowing there is external support could provide encouragement to those who are stuck there feeling like they have no one on their side.

In my opinion, it is pathetic that Repent Amarillo enjoys the very freedom that comes from being an American only to abuse it in order to disrupt the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of those around them. And the more they continue to push, the greater the likelihood that violence will erupt. And when it does, God help Amarillo.

You can read more about this issue from The Texas Observer. And by the way, just because these guys are freaks doesn’t mean they represent Texas. It’s a big state. And 99% of us would gladly kick their asses and not think twice about it.


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