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people who claim other civiliation

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people who claim other civiliation

Postby 21CenturyAmir » Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:11 am

Why do blacks in America feel the need to steal other people civilization. The claim Ancient egypt, all middle eastern from Babylon and Elam, India, north african moors and even Olmec. I ask how can someone from west Africa be a descendant of the olmecs. serious this one black coworker say to an indian coworker "your black right". I have beening coming across such ignorance for years which got me thinking that this isn't mass hysteria. black movement have been cultivating this ideology for decades. so I don't know if I should be outrages or pity them. their society is based on a lie.

but they are not the only who lie about history. we are told the west is Greco-Roman and judeo-christain civilization but if you look at every history book. their civilization begins in Sumer birth place of civilization. they add the Babylon, Assyrians, Egyptians so that it looks like their civilization began 5000 years rather than 2500 years with the city-state of Greece. atleast i understand how the west achieves it aims. they rediscovered these civilization for the world, translate their language and developed disciplines like archaeology but are these civilization like intellectual property simple because you discovered it does that mean they belong to you?

lastly Somalis need to stop claim ancient Egypt. it embossing, you can't claim every hill and call it a pyramid. unless you find a mummy, or artifacts you aint got shit. there is only two ways to claim a civilization either they left evident behind on your land or you conquer them and absorb their past as your own. you can't sit in london and claim your are a kin of ancient Egypt.


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