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European Somalis need to stop being political and crazy

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SomaliNet Super
SomaliNet Super
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European Somalis need to stop being political and crazy

Postby AbdiJohnson » Mon Jun 23, 2014 2:30 am

There has been a huge influx of them here lately "lured" by the high paying jobs from the oil boom. But they bring a lot of baggage with them.

You are free to hold your political rallies, you are free to hold your views but dont poison the Somalis actually from here please Ive never seen such extreme clan attacks until very recently. Calling for genocide of clans. I was shocked until I figured out the dudes are from Holland and UK. Save it for Paltalk. Don't act like this in public.

Also these people tend to be very lazy. Why are you sitting in cafes all day without a job? They claim they cant find work but employers are begging people on the street to take $30/hr jobs starting. They are even turning a blind eye to people without the proper qualifications and these people claim they are struggling. They are ruining the Somali Canadians image. They are the ones bringing khat into our communities. It was an unknown plant just a few years ago. Now teenagers have become addicts.

I just heard a story of a crazy addict Euro Somali guy who told a young Somali kid "pay my share of the rent or I will kill you" and when he refused he attacked him. Obviously his welfare check went to the khat and coffee. The police had to be called. Charges were not pressed because the young guy said "I dont wish to press charges". Reason? Its his "uncle". Translation: He's from my clan but my parents have said to call this strange man "adeer".

I am,

Abdi "It's quite tragic" Johnson

SomaliNet Super
SomaliNet Super
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Re: European Somalis need to stop being political and crazy

Postby LobsterUnit » Mon Jun 23, 2014 5:05 am

Piss off.you Somalian savaves in Canadian have been been killing each other over drugs and gangs. Your image is already messed up. Low high school pass rates too. I am baasto khat will be banned in the from 12 pm tonite.

SomaliNet Super
SomaliNet Super
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Re: European Somalis need to stop being political and crazy

Postby thehappyone » Mon Jun 23, 2014 7:59 am

Lured by oil jobs but on welfare with European citizenship, how is this possible, turning down 30 dollars an hour jobs, fuck outta here with that nonesense :mindblown:


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