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Dear African American wannabe somalis Our Somali Pride comes from a Sense of self not seen in Africans

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Re: Dear African American wannabe somalis Our Somali Pride comes from a Sense of self not seen in Africans

Postby farxantdv » Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:15 am

this whole concept of somalis being africans is really misunderstood and some somalis are really annoying,

yes we are afrıcans but we are a different breed of africans,we have no relation with bantus in anyway,we are not arabs but ofcoarse we have arab blood in us.

bantus came to east africa 2000 years ago before there were people like somalis "afro asianic" i.e amharics,oromo ,tigrayan,harari,afar and nilotics and bushman NO BANTUS

We are different from bantu west africans and other bantus,we are nomads we conquered bantus and made them our slaves

people saying we are basing our pride on a white mans opinion,these whiteman came to afirca saw the situition and made the opnions,no only white man other races including bantus and other races in afrca acknowledge that we are different from them

the problem with solmalis is we need to make our country great again ( :lol: i knw) but before the civil war we were the strongest nation in east africa,we have a history that we should be proud of,a language and culture we should be proud of,

it is wrong for us to put our selves in the same status as bantus for god sake


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