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The importance of manners

Daily chitchat.

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The importance of manners

Postby TheFuturist » Tue Jan 05, 2016 2:26 pm

Please people, for the sake of humanity follow these simple rules:

1. Cover your mouth when you cough. Cover your nose when you sneeze, or use a tissue.

2. Don't burp or fart in public. If you must, then be subtle about it.

3. Have a shower and brush your teeth (especially if you are a FOB). People don't to smell your body odour. Goes for women too.

4. Cut your goddamn nails, nail clippers exist for a reason. For women: please note that having long claws like a rabid dog isn't sexy at all.

5. Go to the barbers once in a while, it really isn't that expensive. For women: if you choose not to wear a hijab (fine with me) please make it look presentable or don't bother.

6. Lose weight if you have to. No-one wants to share a lift with morbidly obese people and you are burdening the national healthcare system. Unless you have a valid medical reason, in which case it isn't your fault.

7. If you choose to have a million children (fine with me), at least have the decency to raise them properly and don't let them roam the streets like stray cats. Contraceptives are readily available these days, so there is no reason why feral children should be roaming the streets.

Ilaahay ha laga baqo :wow: Let's all respect the shared environment :up: :D


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