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Saudi's visit Ethiopian Damn - Egypt incensed Threatening War

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SomaliNet Heavyweight
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Re: Saudi's visit Ethiopian Damn - Egypt incensed Threatening War

Postby TeeriReturns » Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:43 am

Churchill once said Britain doents have permanent friends, just permanent interest when talking to a US ambassador after the war, turkey supplying anti assad forces weapons whilst fighting kurdish guys in syria, egypt getting money from saudis whilst supporting Russians and Iranians in syria, heck the middle east is a powder keg just waiting to explode,

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Re: Saudi's visit Ethiopian Damn - Egypt incensed Threatening War

Postby gurey25 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 12:00 pm

smooth i generally agree with the picture painted.
but again i question the utility of submarines against saudia, why?
how will egypt use submarines against saudia and why?

last time i checked saudis didnt have much of a navy, and very little presence in the red sea.

i am talking real capabilities not what on paper.
On paper Saudia airforce is stronger than UK, its navy is the 3rd largest and powerful in the middle east and its army is above most nato countries.

reality is different, asthe houtis invading najran.

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SomaliNet Heavyweight
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Re: Saudi's visit Ethiopian Damn - Egypt incensed Threatening War

Postby smooth » Wed Dec 21, 2016 12:23 pm

Somalia's interest lies in the Egypt-Eritrea axis, why? Because Ethiopia damming the nile affectively gives her complete control over power and water supplies in the horn. This sets a bad precedent going forward as we all know Somalia's two main rivers originate from Ethiopia. We have already seen major changes in the Shabelle river, with sudden flooding and drying of the river beds.

In this case our very own food supply is threatened and Ethiopia has the ability to create and trigger major food crisis at her will. This is much worst than even the occupation of Xamar as it can threaten our very delicate ecosystems which is already weakened due to climate change.

So considering all these factors we should ally with Egypt and support her war against Ethiopian Saudi China axis.
But China is helping development projects. So is Turkey in Somalia.

Smooth is right about one thing. The IMF/World Bank system isn't doing Somalia any favors and isn't helping with comprehensive development.

The Beijing Consensus is much more attractive.

The biggest source of warfare or as they say in Somali isku dir is poverty, that's essentially why people are fighting, prosperity brings about peace and the question you have to ask yourself who is bringing prosperity and who is not?

Since China began investing very heavily in Ethiopia (period after Melez) it's tone towards Somalia changed, all of a sudden stability was favoured, because turmoil will impact the whole region and scare away investors.

I know from personal accounts they were meeting several administrations looking to invest into ports, roads, strengthening militia's and offering scholarships to students, both S/land and P/land benefitted the most from the programs, but they were rolling this out across the region.

When they were wallowing in poverty and zero growth their interest was to make sure the region stayed in conflict, remember Somalia is it's number one trading partner and growing rapidly despite it's low population, hurting it will hurt them and makes no sense.

The mantra they were spewing everywhere was the "new Ethiopia", the one for development, why? because the Chinese plan was to turn them into the Hub for everything in the Horn of Africa, they needed more then just the ports in Djibouti to diversify, I was told they warned UAE their support for CC will ignite civil war.

Things are changing rapidly in the region, the Egyptian's that were Pro Somalia and hated Somaliland are now Somaliland best friends and establishing a base along with the UAE, the best friends of Ethiopia which were Somaliland and Puntland have been replaced with the south, so much so to stop the danger of CC they hatched a plan to get an Ogadeen elected as the speaker ruling him out, because these guys no longer listen to her.

The real scramble for Somalia started when Iran and Turkey came during the famine, since then the UAE and every other parasite joined and started visiting Mogadishu, the militarisation in the region and the heavy focus on Somalia and the Horn in particular is a great thing, now is the time to have a smart leader to take advantage of this intense focus.

The UAE has pretty much got Ethiopia by the balls, it controls Berbera, Bosaaso, Djibouti port and now also Assab, the TPLF are absolutely enraged with S/land and P/land, their former trusted allies, expect massive destabilisation to happen and the Habro wars to kick off, they are meddling heavily in their elections, even more so then the one in the South and just days ago a high ranking officer was shot in Bosaaso by separatist she is supporting.

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SomaliNet Super
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Re: Saudi's visit Ethiopian Damn - Egypt incensed Threatening War

Postby theyuusuf143 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:14 pm

We Somalis should side with Ethiopia on this. At least we are getting cheap electricity from Ethiopia, but we are getting nothing valuable from Egypt..

For the first time in our history both the Kenyan's and Ethiopian's are on our side due to the rapidly changing geopolitics in the region and powerful players that are hell bent on death, destruction and destabilisation in any country seeking development from China or Turkey.

This shifting alliance is bad news for Somaliland because she cornered herself on both sides, the destructive forces of UAE and Ethiopia that's pissed of about this, the Turks are also making their presence felt in Somaliland if you follow the TurkeyInSomalia twitter account.

The Saudi ban was meant for you, it didn't affect Mogadishu much because we are exporting to other countries and the Saudi's don't make up the bulk of it, the UAE and the Saudi's fell out over religious matters (Saudi's changed their stance against Ikhwani movements) and over SISI.

Their is no coincidence vaccine crap story here, this is geopolitics, you guys either toe the line with the China-Qatar-Turkey-Saudi-Ethiopia-Kenya axis or you remain in the UAE useless Anti development camp, there is no choice here because we are both pawns here and pawns have no choice in this, the consequences of those choices will be felt hard, the livestock ban was the first shots fired.

We receive no development aid or investment from any of the the countries you listed except UAE. So they are not preventing development from us in fact they are developing our country.

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SomaliNet Heavyweight
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Re: Saudi's visit Ethiopian Damn - Egypt incensed Threatening War

Postby GalliumerianSlayer » Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:59 pm

Interesting developments.

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SomaliNet Heavyweight
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Re: Saudi's visit Ethiopian Damn - Egypt incensed Threatening War

Postby PanSomaliNationalist » Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:38 pm

We Somalis should side with Ethiopia on this. At least we are getting cheap electricity from Ethiopia, but we are getting nothing valuable from Egypt. At the same time I don't want this tension to end for ever. Ethiopia without strong enemies is the worst thing that can happen to the Somalis. Egypt vs Ethiopia water conflict is good for the Somalis, it gives us sense of security and we can extract some profit from both sides. I mean as long as Egypt hates Ethiopia we are safe from Ethiopia, we play the Muslim Arab card if we wish, or play the horn African card when we are protesting again Egypt.
We are on the US side while Ethiopia and Kenya are on China. Trust me where are on the winning side and we will get the UN to support us capturing Ogaden.
Djibouti= South Korea

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Re: Saudi's visit Ethiopian Damn - Egypt incensed Threatening War

Postby Museyusuf » Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:39 pm

For both Somaliland and Somalia the US, Egypt, UAE alliance is better than China, Turkey, Ethiopia, Kenya. I left Saudi Arabia out because they seem a bit lost at the moment.

Saudi Arabia we all know is a US Allie and their number one enemy is Iran who is friends with both China and Russia. The Turks have joined the circle.

Saudi Arabia is trying to play the alpha male in the region, but when shi! hits the fan they are going to run to their daddy USA.

The China circle is good when it comes to developing infrastructure. However due to China's growing economy it needs all the resources to keep the engine running. China might creat 1 or 2 infrastructure projects but it is sucking the continent dry. All the employees are Chinese so the locals are not gaining any skills or income.

Also China has shown huge support to both Kenya and Ethiopia it left the Somalis out. They have signed illegal deals with Kenya to extract oil from of the coast of jubaland. China also choose to make Ethiopia its main ally in Easr Africa. They have signed illegal documents to explore for oil and gas in Somali Galbeed, innocent nomads have been killed for no reason and they have been forcefully evicted from their land. China is a Big threat.

Kenya wants to build and wall,they want Somali peoples sea, they also want to annex jubaland. Ethiopia also wants to build more dams this would have a huge effect on the Juba and Shabelle river the bread baskets of south Somalia.

Now the UAE circle may not do a lot of development but they are leading the way when it comes to Somaliland. Somali livestock can still be exported to them. Somaliland can gain a lot from the development of the port and the new army base if we charge them the right price and play our cards right.


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