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Puntland captures land from liyu police

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SomaliNet Heavyweight
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Re: Puntland captures land from liyu police

Postby MarsinQorahay » Sun Jan 01, 2017 4:45 pm

Talk about fulaynimo loooool, idoor laba goor ba dhagaha laga wassay markaas bu dadkale fulaynimo ku eedayn, war kolka hore iska key cili sida dagaalkii u dhaxeeyey hawiye iyo liyu police, amxaarkii hooyadin wassi jiray ha ku ordine qoryaha qaata oo iska key celi.

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SomaliNet Super
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Re: Puntland captures land from liyu police

Postby AwRastaale » Sun Jan 01, 2017 4:56 pm

Marsin is one of those bitter Ogaden slaves who have been held captive, raped and subjuncted to all kinds of abuses since 1809 by the Abbysinians.

He lives multiple lives like most of his people who live in great fears.
Monday to Tuesday he is Somali nationalist and usually goes to Somali cafes.

Wed to Thurs he is attending Tigrai meetings and the Tigrai make him cough up a lot of cash otherwise his relatives back home go disappearing.

One Friday he attends the endless Ogaden tacsi who bury someone who got killed in the hands of the Tigrai and theie guards (Abdi iley).

One Saturday and Sundays Marsin is on snet trying to paint different picture for us like we don't know the reality.

He rather hide his own suffering which is by far the greatest and try to seek comfort in the few victims from othwr tribes.

Thw reality


His lil sisters


When you been the bottom colonised subject for 100 years you become like Marsin and African Americans.

If the police kill 1 white boy millions of African Americans will seek comfort in that despite losing thousands of their own. Marsin is like that too.

Qorahay.com shows the daily life.

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SomaliNet Super
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Re: Puntland captures land from liyu police

Postby theyuusuf143 » Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:33 pm

^ dhiladii ku dhashay wass garacyahow Who told your ass to mention my name? Idoor baad somali ka tahay waryahe anaga ha nagu daacin, dhabadhilifnimo iyo xasidnimo idinka ayey ka dhalatay, from being the white mans lil slaveboy while ogaden was fighting british in nfd and jubaland and in northern somalia to the time of siad barre where wslf was fighting xabashi while snm was sucking mengistus aids ridden candho to the time of ONLF fighting woyane while siilland and punaniland handing over ogs to ethiopia.

HOOYADA SIILKEED nacnacdaas ula tag uskag yahow.
Time to taste your own medicine.

Qabxadii ku dhashay anaa wasa billion jeer Dabaqoodhiyaw, Iidoorku Shaadh dawladeed kuma daba gabado, xiniin yahayagaanu ku soconaa. Ogaden ka caadiga ah weligayo biyo , naago iyo midhadh geela waa kala dhici jirnay oo waa Caadi , laakiin Adigu fataal baad tahay kii hooyadaa wasaad dadka kusoo hogaaminaysaa adoo AABAW daa haya markaasaad libin ka dhiganaysaa danbi uu dabaqoodhi gaasi dadkiisa ka gelayo. Hadaad ciil u qabto reer caynaanshe dee Orod afar cali yuusufa soo kaxayso dhuuso ku toogo, Maxaad uga daba naagaynaysaa kii awaawgaa iyo aabahaaba xiniinyaha ka saaray.

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SomaliNet Super
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Re: Puntland captures land from liyu police

Postby GAMES » Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:47 pm

2017 and Somalis are still fighting about barren lands with not 1 tree insight.

Got their priorities all mixed up if u ask me.

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Re: Puntland captures land from liyu police

Postby fanaanYG » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:22 pm

https://youtu.be/L1hQEP4-xRg :clap:

Got give credit when it's due . Lyiu cant expand to other darood land

Someone posted this news on fb, but its more like other-way around puntland are been killed after they raised that flag for video post, run away from Liyuu and open talks with liyuu police and not like how you posted.

here is what happen after puntland put that flag in Somlia side town of the border


Ethiopia is taking old Somali towns on Puntland border this maybe a new way Ethiopia to claim Somalia lands.
Puntland who been killed after they put that flag, liyuu police came the area and killed puntland police officer and puntland run away then open talks with Liyuu Ogaden's
I don't expect hawyie to eve give credit to Majeerteen. No matter what they do.
Iska soco your angle is simple have anything darood which is fine
I only posted facts, and its what puntland officials said and confirmed. What happened is puntland put a flag in Somalia side of border, the video you posted, Liyuu came and killed puntland police officer and civilians, and they put Ethiopian flag.then MJ started talks with liyuu so they don't split into further inland.

P.s People who died including puntland officer is Leelkase not MJ. MJ quickly start talks whit liyuu so the don't come and massacre MJs lands so are you giving them credit of the show off flag raises which resulted leelkase puntlanders getting killed by liyuu?


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