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I recognize the State of Israel.

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Postby avowedly-agnostic » Wed Aug 09, 2006 11:09 am

[quote = Chillie] Israel was created through terror and it needs terror to cover-up its core immorality. In 1948, most of the non-Jewish indigenous people were ethnically cleansed from the part of Palestine which became Israel.—“undeniable” This action was carefully planned. Without it, no state with a Jewish majority and character would have been possible—that’s how evil conniving it is –you want to talk about history—the fact reminds ‘Israel’ didn’t and legally doesn’t own that land or the other lands it has of other states like Syria and the current Lebanon crisis once again shows that Israel is not a morally acceptable state. [/quote]

I'm no supporter of Israel, and I'm fierce an anti-Zionist as it's possible for one to be, but your argumnet that Israel doesn't have legitimacy because it was founded upon ethnic cleansing just doesn't hold water.

Do you know of another country that was founded upon ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people? Yes that's right- the United States, which was founded upon the uprooting of the native American population. Not only is America guilty of ethnic cleansing, but it still to this very day continues killing peoples of other countries.

Doesn't that logically mean that the US is illegitimate?

In any event, whether Palestinians recognise Israel or not is a decision for them- and only them. And if Hamas, the democratically elected government of the Palestinians has agreed to recognise Israel, then who are you or anyone else to say Isreal shouldn't be recognised?


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