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Somali federal member states

Somali government affairs.

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Somali federal member states

Postby momme1234 » Fri Dec 25, 2015 6:27 pm

I did these thread because of a lot of somali netters don't know what's happening and which state's exist.
Every state will have a own parliament a own civil service and will also send a 3 senators to the senate in Somalia. Elections will occur in every fms for parliament region governor and fms president and senators.

Puntland is a recognized federal member state and is collaborating with the federal government because of abdiweli gas. They are pro-somali and pro-federal. But is also working in reality as a own state. Mostly majeerten and some few minorities like sheekhal. It is also in conflicts with galmudug.it also shares galkayo with galmudug like east and west berlin.

Central regions state
Southern Mudug

Central regions state was created by a merger of himan and heeb(a group who stated that they controlled galguduud and wanted to create a autonomous region for it when it only controlled one town) and Galmudug and ahlu sunna wal jamaa territory. The central regions state don't control all their territory but control the former galmudug region and some of himan and heeb and a majority of Ahlu sunna territory. But some ahlu sunna won't collaborate with the new federal member state because of unknown reasons. Habar gidir, marehan , dir and murusade are. 70 percent in the state are hawiye. Central regions state is also government friendly but has had problems with puntland. it's a prospective federal member state which means it's not recognized yet.

South West State
Lower Shabelle.

The south west state is a federal member state who was created by support of the government and un and shares the name with the RRA controlled "State" who ended 2005. it was created by a group of elders and leaders who wanted a three state then rather a six state federal member state like the former "State" with the same name. The three state group one and is now under control. The state has moderate status with the federal government while not being government friendly not either being anti government. It's recognized state and while newer federal member states are barely functioning this state is the only new federal member state who "works" and is not in chaos like most other states.Rahanweyn, Ogaden,Marehan, Harti and Some habir gedir and Abgaal. And has a large non somali population like Bantu,tunni and barawani.

Khaatumo state

This state is a continuation of SSC,NSUM,USP. As a response of Somaliland and Puntland's involvement in the area.It had diaspora support, elder support and mass support. It is controls some area's of their claimed territory. And has bases in buhodle and taleex. Will barely functioning for a couple of years it has recently started to enjoy success by controlling a big territory it's own forces and is functioning good.It's a pro government and pro somali group.While very pro government it has not being recognized yet because of the government trying to work with somaliland so they can unite. Dhulbahante and warsangeli not yet recognized.

Middle Juba
Lower Juba.

Originated because so clan militias could defend themselves against islamist in 2009 and was founded with the name AZania. A big part of the Jubaland group fought for the Juba valley alliance ,SPm and Ras kamboni fighters and a chunk of sufi's and minorities.They are anti government and is functioning as a kenyan colony. It is the area in Somali who is least changed because of a big part of anti al shabaab fighting is happening their and is one of few places in Somalia were 90's like warlords still exist.It's has a parliament of mostly clan representatives a few idealist and Some warlords. It's recognized by the government. But it's also seen as a problem because of madobe's greed and his warlordish like character. Bajuni islands is under jubaland control. But no jubaland officials ever visit or care about the place. Ogaden, Marehan,dhulbahante and a few hawiye clans and some sheekhaal a big bantu population and bajuni and. Most diverse place in Somalia and lawless.

Undecided-Hiiran and Jowhar but the government are working for that to happen.
Awdalland a large group of the population want's a fms state in Somalia
Benadir not decided yet where it'd going to belong or as the region where the capital is at it maybe won't belong to a fms


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