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Djibouti's labor market ethnic cleansing by Somalilander

Dedicated for Somaliland politics and affairs.

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Re: Djibouti's labor market ethnic cleansing by Somalilander

Postby labo22 » Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:05 am

The court case of La lorrain employees has been conducted in a bazar manner , although it was started as class-action lawsuit.,it's slowly and deliberately divided-up into small groups and individual cases , this perhaps to avoid publicity on the case before the court-of-law, and surprisingly at the same time the plaintiff lawyer show no contest at the all cases brought in front of the court, thus it was ruled in favour of the poor employees, just a simple verdict only without proper compensation isn't enough isn't it? its slap on the face of the victim and their families, this a sign of utter failure of the same institution that suppose to defend the poor and powerless native Djiboutian, If the government of day don't enforce it own decisions as it's should and the plaintiff are forced to take up the matter into their own hands, the responsibility lies squarely on the shoulder of IOG since making is centralized also the US has to share blame for incitement and the tension between various communities by not properly enforcing the law of the host nation regardless of the host nation failure to up hold the law.

Posts: 236
Joined: Sat Nov 14, 2009 6:52 am

Re: Djibouti's labor market ethnic cleansing by Somalilander

Postby labo22 » Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:32 pm

Again La Lorrain saga took another strange twist, Mr. Borreh's looted asset exactly one year ago,it haven't been agreed upon who gets what.The mafia Mahamed Djama and Hassan Madoobe were in charge of the mission of dismantling and redistribution the of Borreh group of companies, apparently the share that was given to the Brother of Mr Delieta the prime minister was not delivered accordingly and Ali Marykan kept the vehicle in question and somehow managed to hide in Comp Lamonier from the authority initially untill the dust settled, he also somehow managed to falsify the registration or ownership in the vehicle white Toyota Landcruiser Yesterday the Feb. 9th Ali-Maraykan was arrested for the alleged crime that he falsified illegally official documents and kept what was Mr. Borreh's properties, This is a classical leadership in absentia isn't it?

Ali was released on intervention of the first lady, off courser for clan legion Isaaq, not only he was wrongfully released, but the crown persecutor or attorney general of Djibouti was forced to gave personal apologize to the thief Ali-Maraykan , her co-conspirator of the crime to steal the security contract of Nomad security and what was the property of Mr Borreh the vehicle in question. Its a classical case that minority is being above the law and abusive of limitless power,unfortunately that was the a typical symptoms at the end of the Siyaad Barreh regime.

Meanwhile, the owners of La Lorrain Salaiman and Houssien are suing each other the, court case is going on. The poor employees of La Lorrain remains in dilamma , they haven't been paid this month over the payroll account management.that is related to the dispute. On the other hand the employees of La lorrain that Ali,his brother and their associate Saleban were illegally fired court case going on, some of employee already won the case, but question remains who is going to compensate the poor employees, the court doesn't have means to enforce its ruling when it comes minorities that are unfortunately above the law.

The whole affair could have averted if the US military respect whatever little law that exists, unfortunately the US exacerbated the situation by illegally awarding contracts to the companies like La Lorraine which however don't have security agreement from Waraabe Karaaye the poppet Interior Minister, this mess in part created and responsible by the US , I think they have a moral duty and obligation to follow-up the case, firing the crooked Ali from the US camp is not enough and the problem is going to go way just like that, if the prime minster's brother used his influence to get Ali arrested and claim his shape of looted asset. who is going to help sorted out the former poor employees of La Lorrain its more than a year now they haven't received a dime but they to pay the court procedural coast from their own pocket, If Ali could falsify Official documents of the government, hecould be capable of breaking into his employees drawers in the camp Lemonier and steel personal documents why the US is not doing anything about the case reported twice to the concerned authority personally by the victim, even as I reported earlier on other posting, the victim reporter the crime that had happened in camp to the Djiboutian authority off the camp but the case failed to make it to the court some how the government's top official didn't want the case to proceed.
http://www.djibnet.com/mabraze/topic/20 ... cleansing/


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