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Somaliland Says No to Forced Returnees from Holland

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:21 am
by gurey25
Somaliland Says No to Forced Returnees from Holland

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Hargeisa–(Berberanews)-Unfortunately the Immigration Departments such that of Netherland’s processing of refugee claims have become so haphazard there is a grave danger that people in need of protection might be thrown, metaphorically, to the unfamiliar.
Despite Human Rights plea to stop any forcible deportations, The Dutch authorities have announced their intention and insisted to deport, by force if necessary, all illegal Somaliland citizens currently residing in the Netherlands.
On Monday-January/9th/2012 a high level delegates from the Netherlands visited Somaliland authorities to discuss on the possibilities’ of deporting forcibly illegal Somalilanders currently in Holland.

BerberaNews following this event closely had the opportunity to interview the Minister of Resettlements, Rehabilitations and Reconstructions of Somaliland, Hon. Abdirizak Ali Osman.

The Minster addressing BerberaNews reporters said, “As you (BerberaNews) have been closely monitoring, indeed there has been a momentous discussions as well as meetings between my Ministry and representatives from Holland concerning Somaliland government’s position on forced returnees”.

“Unquestionably”, the Minster added, “we will not allow any forced returnee who is of Somaliland and/or Somalia origin thrown as piece of objects into this country (Somaliland)”.

The Dutch government had been in continues channel of communication with Somaliland government hoping the approval and agreement of forced returnees by both governments however; Somaliland authorities repeatedly and clearly rejected such agreement. Netherland authorities’ aver most Somalilanders asylum applicants in their country have their requests approved, but claim that few have been rejected and didn’t meet the requirements.
Somaliland government looks forward to maintain positive and fruitful co-operations with the Dutch government, nevertheless and most importantly, from our side, there are no doors open presently to accept any individual/s whether from Somaliland or Somalia that is being deported against his or her will, said Hon. A.Ali Osman the Minister for RR&R of Somaliland.

The Dutch authorities have a binding obligation under international law stating that anyone seeking protection cannot be forcibly returned and/or deported against their will.

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Re: Somaliland Says No to Forced Returnees from Holland

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:22 am
by Coeus
They say no to their own FOB's :lol: