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We must reject the kacaan-marxist ideology of the Somali nation!

Dedicated for Somaliland politics and affairs.

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Re: We must reject the kacaan-marxist ideology of the Somali nation!

Postby SteadyState » Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:39 pm

All the verbal diarrhea and trolling aside, I think the OP brings up a most salient point. It has always puzzled me how SLers can pay homage to the concept of a Somali race while simultaneously being ardent opponents of unionism. The idea that Somalis are a distinct people goes against everything SL stands for. SL's main claim to independence from the South is based on their claim that they are different from the South in every way and share nothing at all with them whether it is ethnicity, culture, customs, etc etc. Acknowledging that there is such a thing as a Somali ethnic group erodes the validity of that argument and also destroys the hopes of being recognized as a different an independent nation from the South. It is part and parcel of the unionist ideology. :) :up:


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