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Puntland Delegation In Sweden Hold Dinner Banquet. Pictures

Dedicated for Puntland politics and affairs.

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Puntland Delegation In Sweden Hold Dinner Banquet. Pictures

Postby Osman-NZ » Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:06 am








STOCKHOLM: Casho Sharaf aad u balaaran oo loo sameeyey Masuuliyiin sare oo ka socday Puntland

Posted to the Web Jul 07, 05:47

Stockholm:(pp)- Xalay ayaa waxaa casho sharaf aad u balaaran loogu sameeyay waftiga ka socday Puntland oo ka kooban Wasiirka ku xigeenka arrimaha gudaha iyo dawladaha hoose Cali yusuf cali(xoosh) Duqa magaalada Boossaso C/risaaq Maxamed Ismail (C/risaaq xareed) iyo maamulaha labaad ee jaamacada East afrika ( Boosaaso) prof: C/qadir Said (shiino).

Xafladaas oo ay ka soo qayb galeen jaaliyada puntland ee ku nool wadanka Sweden magaala madaxdiisa Stockholm, halkaas oo ay qudbad cajiiba ah ay ka soo jeediyeen wafdiga oo ku hadlay magaca dawlada Puntland.

Waftigaan ayaa mahadnaq aad u balaaran u jeediyay jaaliyada Puntland oo aad iyo aad u soo dhaweeyey wafdiga. Waxaa kaloo xafladaas ka hadlay Gabdhaha reer puntland ee ku nool caasimada Stockholm ,aqoonyahano , Odayaal , dhalinyaro iyo ururo madaxbanan oo ay leeyihiin Jaaliyada Puntland ee magaaladaas ku nool, waxaana halkaa lagu guddonsiiyey hadiyo qaaliya iyo u baxyo.

Waftiga ayaa waxaa loo dhiibay fariin iyo codsi inay gaarsiiyaan Madaxweynaha Puntland
kuwaas oo ay ka mid yihiin:

In nabadgelyada la adkeeyo
Garoonka Magaalada Boosaaso in sida ugu dhaqsiayaha badan loo dhamaystiro
In dawalada Puntland isbedel la taabankaro samayso.
Waxbarshada iyo cafimaadka in si weyn wax looga qabto
In magaalada Boosaaso la dhireeyo lana nadiifiyo
Iyo fariimo kale oo aan la soo koobinkarin oo quseeya hayadaha ay ka socdeen wafdida.

Wafdigan ka socday dowlada maamul goboleedka Puntland ee Soomaaliya ayaa balan qaaday inay garsiin doo naan horumar iyo barwaaqo shacabka Puntland

Cawil Diiriye Mataan
Daabacaada: Puntlandpost.com

For More Pictures of Banquet Go Below Here

Pretty good news the puntland delegation consisting of the mayor of Bossaso, deputy minister of Domestic affair of Puntland, and Vice-President of East Africa university were given a nice banquet in stockholm by the diaspora of puntland. There was some discussions and thank yous and enjoyed my stay here and all the customary things ppl say in Banquet.

But the important part is that the diaspora in sweden asked that 5 requests be sent to farole from them which is.
1. Streghten Security In Puntland
2. Completion of Bossaso Airport Run-Way
3. Puntland Government needs an image-change that can be seen
4. Education And Health Needs Huge Advancement
5. Bossaso needs to clean-up and keep the town tidy
And other matters that can't be mentioned all in this article.

Well thats pretty much but i am confused about their 3rd demand "puntland is-badel la taaban karo inay samayso" do they mean that puntland needs to lift up its image, or do they mean reform, or changing structures of government. I was confused on that bit if anyone knows that would be good. My guess is they mean that puntland needs to lift up its image.

Well thats pretty much it, i am suprised they didn't mention the port development which was occuring under cade muse when he won the foreign investment of 270 million from lootah firm a uae multi-national company. They are supposed to make Bossaso port deep-sea port like djibouti with modern port facility, same with the airport they are supposed to do the job on the run-way and terminal.

One thing i have noticed with farole even though he is doing good things within the region for the ppl, he is putting on hold alot of the major developments cade muse got for the state like oil, port, airport, etc... I hope Puntland leadership just get past this " I want to be remembered for doing this attitude and hold the state back" for their ego.

If cade got it or farole or whoever it don't matter and these petty differences need to stop especially when it comes to the states well-being. But then again that is the evils of politics all around the world politicians ego can stop a nation developing just because they want to be seen as the guy who did it and get their slice of history. Wax kale ma ahan.


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