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Will Alshabaab switch their allegiance to Baghdadi/ISIS?

Daily chitchat on Somali politics.

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Will Alshabaab switch their allegiance to Baghdadi/ISIS?

Postby AhlulbaytSoldier » Tue Jan 28, 2014 2:53 am

This guy Abu Bakr Al-Bagdhaadi the naasibi khaariji is now the most powerful irhaabi and anti-human person. Even Dhawihiri fears him.
His group has large presence in Syria, iraq hence the name Islamic(Satanic) State of Iraq and Shaam and it opened recently another office in Lebanon.
Dhawihiri's popularity amongst the nasibi takfeeri terrorists is decreasing by day. More braindead suicidebombers are giving allegiance to selfstyled amir al mumineen Baghdadi Al-kalb.
Now i wont be surprised if the secessionst agentdog godane bint zubayr changes the name to Islamic(Satanic) State of Iraq, Alsham and Sumaal with the agent acting upon as governor .


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