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Ethiopia Appoints 21 new ministers, 3 Somali

Daily chitchat on Somali politics.

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Ethiopia Appoints 21 new ministers, 3 Somali

Postby TeeriReturns » Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:17 am

oromo has been given 90 mps and and ahmara has 70 mps each from now on since they have 42% and 27 of population each whilst DDSi 6% population has 54 - was doubled from 27 and Afar region has 21 mps due to being 1.5 % increased from 14 - lets hope this makes the oromos come down
lower house ps will be increased from 547 to 650 mps. this is for the lower house,

in the upper house DDSI gets 9 senators out of 112- increased from 7 to 9 - one senator for every million people plus one extra that makes 7 plus two extra since north dire dabe is now split between us and oromo and its a chartered city like addis, it was split after isse complained oromo were roughing them up and encrowching on their land.

Siraj Fegessa – Minister of Defense
Kassa Tekleberhan – Minister of Federal Affairs and Pastoral Area Development
Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD) – Minister of Communication and Information Technology
Ahmed Abitew – Minister of Industry
Getachew Ambaye – Attorney General
Abdulfetah Abdulah – Minister of Labor and Social Affairs
Yinager Dessie (PhD) – Commissioner of National Planning Commission
Asmelash Woldesilasie – Chief Government Whip
Workneh Gebeyehu (PhD) – Minister of Foreign Affairs
Tagese Chafo – Minister of Public Service and Human Resource Development
Abreham Tekeste (PhD) – Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation
Bekele Bulado (PhD) Minister of Trade
Fekadu Beyene (Prof.) Minister of Livestock and Fishery
Eyasu Abrha (PhD) – Minister of Farming and Natural resources
Getahun Mekuria (D.Eng.) – Minister of Science and Technology
Ahmed Shide- Minister of Transport
Ambachew Mekonnen (PhD) – Minister of Urban Development and Housing
Aisha Mohammed (Eng.) – Minister of Construction
Sileshi Bekele (D.Eng.) – Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity
Motuma Mekassa – Minister of Mines Petroleum and Natural Resources
Gemedo Dale (PhD) – Minister of Environmental, Forest and Climate Change
Shiferaw Tekelemariam (PhD) – Minister of Education
Yifru Berhane (Prof.) – Minister of Health 16. Girma Amente (PhD) – Minister of Public Enterprise
Hirut Woldemariam (PhD) – Minister of Culture and Tourism
Demitu Hambissa – Minister of Women’s and Children’s Affairs
Ristu Yirdaw – Minister of Youth and Sports
Kebede Chane – Director General of the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority
Negeri Lencho (PhD) – Head of Government Communication Affairs Office


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