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Sofala province, Mozambique was a gold colony for the Somalis

Taariikhda Soomaaliya ee ka horeysey intaan xoriyada la qaadan

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Sofala province, Mozambique was a gold colony for the Somalis

Postby GalliumerianSlayer » Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:01 pm


Sofala, at present known as Nova Sofala, used to be the chief seaport of the Monomotapa Kingdom, whose capital was at Mount Fura. It is located on the Sofala Bank in Sofala Province of Mozambique. It was founded by Somali merchants and seafarers from Mogadishu.
Somali merchants from Mogadishu established a colony in Mozambique to extract gold from the mines in Sofala

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Re: Sofala province, Mozambique was a gold colony for the Somalis

Postby Grant » Fri Oct 21, 2016 9:17 am

It's a mystery to me how you conclude from a video mostly on the green oriole how Somali merchants from Mogadishu established the port at Sofala, especially as the holdings based in Sofala only extended as far north as Kismayu and, after the 1180's were part of the Swahilli cultural sphere. The Hawiyye didn't even reach the coast until after about 1100 AD.


"One of the oldest harbours documented in Southern Africa, medieval Sofala was erected on the edge of a wide estuary formed by the Buzi River (called Rio de Sofala in older maps). Sofala was founded about the year 700 and was part of a long line of trading centres stretching from Kismayu, incorporating Mombasa, Malindi, and Zanzibar. Sofala played host to assorted African trading communities, Swahili, Arab, and Persian traders, among others who frequented the coast. Complex trade routes from the coast entered deep into the hinterland from where most tradeable goods, including ivory, were sourced.

The Buzi River connected Sofala to the internal market town of Manica, and from there to the goldfields of Great Zimbabwe. Sometime in the 10th century, Sofala emerged as a small trading post and was incorporated into the greater global monsoon complex. In the 1180s, Sultan Suleiman Hassan of Kilwa (in present-day Tanzania) seized control of Sofala, and brought Sofala into the Kilwa Sultanate and the Swahili cultural sphere.[2] The Swahili strengthened its trading capacity by having, among other things, river-going dhows ply the Buzi and Save rivers to ferry the gold extracted in the hinterlands to the coast.[3]"


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