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The worst Battle in The Somali Civil War

Wixii ka danbeeyey dhicii dowladii u danbeysey

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The worst Battle in The Somali Civil War

Postby DalJecel60 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:17 am

The Battle for Gaalkacyo

over 34,000 dead over a period of 18 days.

Hawiye vs Daarood.

Thousands of Sacad make they way towards Gaalkacyo to 'liberate it from Cumar Maxamuud

the first wave saw over 30 Majeerteen killed and 43 Habar Gidir killed ,
as the battle intensified Saruur and Saleebaan and Cayr send Sacad Reinforcments
while other Majeerteen subclans aid their Cumar Maxamuud brethren
after rhe first couple of days Gaalkacyo became deserted, woman and children were evacuated to their respective tuulos.

as the fighting intensified Ilaa Xaawaadle Sheekhaal Gaaljecel Abgaal Mururusade Duduble all Hawiye Subclans came rushing in what was to be the Hawiye occupation of Mudug ilaa Bari

while Hordes of Leelkase Attacked from Dhinaca Galdogob while Mareexaan attacked from Cabuudwaaq
Dhulbahante and Ciise N Cismaan Maxamuud coming from the North
Ogaden and Reer Bicidyahan from Dhinaca Hawdka

thousands of Somalis died in the Battle of Gaalkacyo.

with no clear winner.

Habar Gidir even tried asking Mareexaan to lift the blockade it made so they could retreat but Mareexaan fearing that the Habar Gidir would send more reinforcements denied and then Habar Gidir tried attacking the blockade in a place later named LafoHawiye

It was Mareexaan vs Hawiye oo dhan intill The daarood coalition broke the line and finally pushed Hawiye all the way to southern galgaduud

Mareexaan occupied Northern Galgaduud
Majeerteen occupied Southern Mudug
and all non native clans went back to their deegaans

After many years Abdullahi Yusuf AUN let Hawiye back into Gaalkacyo in a treaty banning Habar gidir from being armed within Gaalkacyo.

That was the last battle of a united Daarood or a united Hawiye front


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