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Sade prominent figures

Dadka ku dhaqan ama ka imaaday gobolkan

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Sade prominent figures

Postby Mustafee101 » Tue Jul 04, 2017 5:09 am

Many Marehan noteable names are missing...

*Nur Ibn Mujahid, second conqueror of Abyssinia and the Patron Saint of Harar
* Maj. Gen. Mohammed Siad Barre, 21 year President of Somalia 1969-1991.
* Abdiwahid Goonjeeh, Prime Minister 2001
* Abdi Farrah Garaad Shirdoon, Prime Minister 2012-2013
* Abdiweli Sheekh Ahmed Sheekh Mohamed, PM 2013-14
* Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo, current president
* Col. Barre Adan Shire Hiiraale, Defence Minister, 2004
* Maj. Gen. Maslax Mohamed Siad Son of the former President of Somalia and a Defense Minister.
* Ahmed Farah Ali 'Idaja', Somali-language literarian
* Maj. Gen. Hussein Shuqul, Head of Military Academy
* Dr. Abdulrahman Jama Barre, Somali interior and foreign ministers
* Col. AbdiAziz Ali Barre, The liberator of Central Somalia in 1991 by defeating the USC in Galkayo
* Col. Abdi Igal, JVA Commander
* Sultan Mohamoud Qhalib Dhore, Marehan chieftain
* Sheikh Mohamed Mohamoud, Father of the Somali constitution
* Aden Shire Jama "Law", Organized first Somali elections
* Abdikarim Gelle Bayr, Computer Scientist and famed collector of Somali Literature.
* Ahmed Sugulle Hersi, consul of Somalia in Italy 1989-2005
* Dr. Mohamed Mohamud Jango'an, Somali interior minister
* Dr. Abdiqadir H. Mohammed, Chairman of the Somali Social Committee
* Fatimo Isaak Bihi, First Somali female ambassador, Ambassador to Geneva, Director of the African Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
* Muraayed Garaad, President of the Somali Women Organization
* Shire Jama Ahmed, Inventor of the Somali script
* Dr. Warsame Indholey, Director of the Somali Developmental Crash Program, oversaw the successful Somali literacy campaign
*Ali Sudi, Vice president of the Somali Airlines
* Shire Sudi, Vice minister of the Somali Fisheries
* Mohammoud Jama, Governor of the Somali Banks
* Gen Osman Aingail, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department
* Lt. Colonel Mohammed Samatar, Head of the Military Intelligence
* Col Cabdi Igal, Former militia leader
* Gen. Ali Mataan Hashi, first Somali pilot, commander of Somali Air Forces in 1954-78 and Siad Barre's National Security Advisor
* Cabdirizak Mohamud Abdihosh, Current director of Islamic Courts development.
* Haji Hussein Mohammed, President of the Somali Airlines
* Abdulkadir Toor, Director of the Agency for Theatre and Films
* Abdiqadir Hersi Yam-Yam, prominent Somali poet and scholar
* Khadija Abdulahi "Dalays", First national Somali female singer
* Dr. Mohammed Sheikh Adden, premier Somali intellectual and former head of Somali Technological Development, Minister of Information, Minister of Education, Head of the Ideology Bureau SRRC
* Dr. Ali Kanini, First internationally certified Somali doctor
* Abdulahi Haji, Broadcaster and longest-serving chief editor with the Somali BBC.
* Yusuf Ali Nuur, Chairman of the Somali Defence and Security Committee
* Mohamoud Sayid Addan, Minister for National Assets and Procurement, 2004
* Gen. Omar Hashi Massaleh, Former Somali Minister of Defense, former Chairman of SNF
* Gen. Mohammed Nur Shareco, Chief Adviser to President Siad Barre
* Gen. Ali Hure Loyan, Commander of Somali Police Forces, 2004-
* Gen. Abdirahman Hussein, Commander of the Militia Forces
* Col. Abdirizak Isaak Biixi, Head of Parliamentary Committee on Security, former Chairman of SNF
* Col. Cumar Jamac CaliJiir, Former Commander of the Armed Forces
* Col. Hashi Mohamed Guled (Shiino), Architect of National Law and military enforcement
* Eng. Hussein Faray, Governor of the Gedo Region.
* Yusuf Ibrahim, Mayor of Mogadishu
* Dr. Haji Macaliin, Scientist
* Ibrahim Farah, Somali scholar and diplomat
* Col. Cabdi Cusmaan Nuur, Head of the Army forces in 80's

Hogaan Sade, waa hormuud Soomaaliyeed :clap:

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Re: Sade prominent figures

Postby Adali » Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:02 pm

war waa madaxdii sade

Udheel Mareexaan Udheel

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Re: Sade prominent figures

Postby Typhoon » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:09 am

warya Mustafee101 weli ma marexaan ba sheegata....war ileen tano kale, indho adaka dhiilo miya

sheegato 10 sano so tagaan kan ba igu horaysay...cajib

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SomaliNet Heavyweight
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Re: Sade prominent figures

Postby Nubis » Mon May 20, 2019 2:20 am


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Re: Sade prominent figures

Postby qoraxeey » Tue May 21, 2019 7:17 am

warya Mustafee101 weli ma marexaan ba sheegata....war ileen tano kale, indho adaka dhiilo miya

sheegato 10 sano so tagaan kan ba igu horaysay...cajib
Whats wrong with you :? :?

Bisinka , ka xishood wiilka :hijack:


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