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Is cabudwaq part of Puntland?

Dadka ku dhaqan ama ka imaaday gobolkan

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Is cabudwaq part of Puntland?

Postby DawladSade » Mon Jul 31, 2006 1:38 pm

Is cabudwaq part of Puntland?

by Fowzi Herzi--viaconi

Abudwaq city is home to hundred thousands of Marehan where majority of whom pursues nomadic pastoralist. With the collapse of centralized government of Siyad Barre from Mogadishu, Abudwaq city may perhaps be a forgotten place from Marehan, but the capture of Kismayu from Morgan militias Marehan have begun to draw on their own indigenous traditions in coming to terms with problems of conflict and cooperation. But their territories remain without a local autonomy.

Geographically Abudwaq falls within the borders of the Galgaduud region but where the majority of the clans inhabiting in this city and its vicinity are in some how associated with Punt land. Socio-Economically, Abudwaq inhabitants have a good business relationship with Punt land. I wonder why they cannot have a political relationship with Punt land.

Despite the long political hatred between the two clans which we have been raised with, recent clan conflict between DIR and Marehan in XERAALE- proofed otherwise, the animosity and the blood line descendent from the two cannot be ignored when Marehan XERAALE battle casualties have been transferred to Kalkacyo for medical attention. Another word, in this context, Is Punt land inhabitants shares all the pain and everything else with their Marehan brothers and sisters in Galgaduud region? Some may agree with me some others may not, but this observation of mine remains to be seen. You donÂ’t send your XERAALE casualties to your enemyÂ’s hospitals! Would you?

The above title of whether or not Abudwaq being a part of Punt land is not meant to be an insult for my Marehan fellows; I want this to be clarified. In no way do I mean to insult or anger any of my Abudwaqers brethren. I only want the people to understand that Punt land cannot force Abudwaq inhabitants to join them nor Abudwaq is for sale, and it has never been. But Common autonomy, soldiers, inter-regional authorities, and common interest for both sides to protect their own people shoul .

It is my hope that Abudwaq local authorities (if any) will embark on a result-oriented dialogue process with Punt land that will be sustained on the basis of progress towards a settlement of the long clan hatred between Majerteen/Marehan and work together toward achieving peace and stability in their regions and end long clan rootless pride and the clan profanity between them. This may turn out to be an extended process, bearing in mind each other's concerns. Abudwaq local authorities can look forward to a dialogue with their Punt land brothers to end clan hostility.

In my view, this would open the doors for wide-ranging cooperation as well as progress towards the final settlement of finding solution for Somali problem in accordance with the wishes of the people of those two regions. Majority of Marehan intellectuals would admit that there are doubts in Punt land administration about the outcome of the talks. There is an opinion that only Marehan/Majerteen young intellectuals in Diaspora intervention will make both clans compromise on the core issue of unity and together rebuild Somali State which is passed away from International community.

I, however, am optimistic. I feel that both Marehan and Majertein are people of vision, who appreciate the need for peace. The lessons of the past fourteen have to be learnt so that there is no breakdown in the future. But the lasting peace for Somali Nation as a whole can only materialize if the issue of Marehan/Majerteen hatred is addressed with the urgency, creativity and sincerity it requires. If this is done then political, socio-economical and power sharing relationships will graduate from a zero-sum game to a win-win situation and restoring and rebuilding Somali Nation which has fallen apart will follow

After all, is Abudwaq part of punt land? It depends on who you askÂ….and how you look atÂ….

BY: Fowzi Herzi –viaconi-----viaconi@yahoo.com

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Postby xoogSADE14 » Mon Jul 31, 2006 2:55 pm

death by drowning for anyone who says Cabudwaq and our parts of Galgaduud are one with puntland Exclamation

nothing against reer puntland for they're doing alright for themselves but i'll be dead before i let my lands come under another qabiil's cities Idea

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Postby Unclebin » Mon Jul 31, 2006 9:23 pm


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Re: Is cabudwaq part of Puntland?

Postby raadamiir » Tue Aug 01, 2006 4:45 am

[quote="DawladSade"]Is cabudwaq part of Puntland?

by Fowzi Herzi--viaconi

Abudwaq city may perhaps be a forgotten place from Marehan, but the capture of Kismayu from Morgan militias Marehan ...............

waa dham baal ay puntland lee dahay....?
waana qalad DAWLADSADE........should'n you first look.
gread general Abdulahi Warsame was the one whois leading at that moment at the Marehan capturing the Kismayo.


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