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EVERYONE! How Many Ancient Egyptian Words Can You Find In Somali?

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EVERYONE! How Many Ancient Egyptian Words Can You Find In Somali?

Postby thelionwithfire » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:23 pm

Salam and Nabad to all,

How many words can we find in the past Egyptian language that directly ties to somali? That's what we'll be finding out here inshallah. Their are a few links already with numerous words but our hope in this thread is to find exactly what role did the somali language tie to the ancient egyptians. Is it pure coincidence due to proximity or languages on the same linguistic branch. We'll figure that out here.

Keep in mind the known meanings of the hieroglyphs are directly from their pictures and the rest is guess work.
For instance, a symbol of a rectangle with an opening was considered to be a house and the stick above was noted as a coloumn.'Coloumns are large so lets say it means 'great' and the rectangle could be a house so this means 'great house'. This is where the meaning of the word 'prA'a' for a pharoah was deciphered. A bit childish no?

Here we accept Coptic is related to its ancient predecessor but not directly or more so than french, english and spanish are related to latin. Although the language is said to be deciphered it is not. The language cannot be read and is taught systematically with a pattern rule. A bird + leaf will always mean this and so on. It's greatly unreliable to say the least. This is why you'll often read into the history of words like 'Ankh' and find its said to be so since it appears to be a shoelace and the word for shoelace is similar to that of life, so the symbol sound must mean 'ankh'. *SIGH* This is only accepted since the language is said to be 'extinct' afterall.

The ancient language is an abjad meaning it carries no vowels except a few like -oo or -uu in qooley and -ee or -ay in nabaday.
'A' is C as in Cabdullahi
'P' is always B
'Dj' Is J as in Jir
'H' is an X as in xidig
'K' Can be Q'S
'Kh' is Q
'Th' nad 'T'' can be d as in duub or Dh as in dhagax
'R' can be an L too
'Y' can be -ay or -ey
The rules are simple. Scan the list of words, find a somali equivalent and post. Write in both ENGLISH AND SOMALI and if you find someone cannot, translate for them. Stretching is allowed only to the degree of vowels being added and the first or last letters being excluded but above all, ALL connections must be logical, relevant and applicable.
If known somali-'egyptian' words are found other than those being discussed, minus the obvious ones on the net already add them in. GOOD LUCK and be creative. Language is a mystery afterall. Any questions or insight?message me and i'll respond as soon as i can inshallah.

Round 1 Names, gods and symbols
Ancient egyptian = transliteration = meaning or common name

Kppr or Hppr = Qeper = Kheper. Come into being or develop.
Bty = Bity = Bee
Ntr = Neter = Neter. Divine, god or godly
Inpw = Anupu/Anupa = Anubis
Dhwty = Djehuti = Thoth. Ibis billed God. Name for ibis in somali?
MA't = Ma'at = Balance, justice, truth and Goddes of world
order in weather and people.
Nwt = Nut or Newet = Goddess of sky based on sky symbol beside name.
PrA'a = Pra'a or perra = 'Great house' Pharaoh

Thmhu = Themehu = Word beside pale skinned man thought to be
Nhsu = Nehesu = Word beside dark skinned man thought to be
south sudanese/ nuba mountain
A'mu = Aamu = Word beside pale- yellow skinned man. Could be asian
Rth = Reth = Word beside then egyptian man. Can mean 'original' or something.

1) They -ey sound in the A. Egy hieroglyph is represented by a feather or head of a reed. Find a somali word for the reed plant, feather, or something similar.
2) Anubis is a dog. Find the somali word for the dog.

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Re: EVERYONE! How Many Ancient Egyptian Words Can You Find In Somali?

Postby theologain » Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:38 pm

Themehu is Libyan or a Berber
Nehesu is Nubian
Aamu is Asiatic, levantine man
Reth is Eygptian man


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