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where is it better to get Married in the west or back home

what's happening now.

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SomaliNet Heavyweight
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where is it better to get Married in the west or back home

Postby SuldaanOfSanaag » Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:20 pm

Guys where would u say is more better to get married in the West given all it's trouble and cold weather to back home where the dhaqan n deen prevails.

The problems in the west are many to name. Mainly a lot of couples breaking up to quickly after getting married.

Don't get me wrong there's properly problems back home aswell.. but they tend to work it out much better.

I see alot people moving back home for good and settling down there to raise a family.

I more of latter part inshallah if allah wills.

let's us know what you think of it.

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Re: where is it better to get Married in the west or back home

Postby AbdiCushite » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:04 am

The internet and social media like Facebook ended all of that . The xalimos out there are just weird versions of the xalimos wherever you live at.

A cousin of mine married a girl from back home because he thought she would be less headache right after the wedding she wanted to be in America chilling she had all the horrible qualities he was trying to avoid with American girls , they just took a while to come out of her.

Facebook has all the xalimos across the world saying and thinking the same things. There's a lot of Dh!lo's in the motherland now I've seen it with my own eyes , just me eyes I had no condoms so I didnt observe the dh!lo's with any other body part. Im not taking that risk. But anyway the internet and social media platforms like Facebook have bridged the gap between different cultures and societies. People from across different parts of the world are more connected now than ever. This includes the xalimos.

Nowadays you go back home and you'll mistake some of the locals for some xalimos from the outside based off their appearance it's crazy but MashAllah the locals are catching up for good and for bad.

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SomaliNet Super
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Re: where is it better to get Married in the west or back home

Postby AwRastaale » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:27 am

Depends on your luck and not where she is from or based.

You should marry two wives and keep one in the Diaspora and the other back home.

Now days Xalimos are so desperate for someone because they getting divorced left, center and right.

Some brothers marry these out off control single mothers for “Halal sex”.

They serve no other purpose and come with packages such as kids from ex if not two former guys. Now days you see Xalimos pushing kids from multiple fathers.

Personally I plan to keep my two or three wives apart; Diaspora, Xamar iyo Hargeisa.

I will just send them $400 each per month.

If they act up, I know how to give talaqo like laxoox.

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Re: where is it better to get Married in the west or back home

Postby theyuusuf143 » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:11 am

You don't need to marry normally , you can just replace or displace some other looser temporally, then leave and get an other one , and then it goes on and on .... kkkkk Why would i spend so much money on weddings While i can just get into an already established bedrom for my self . Its the same here and back home there are plenty of women who just needs some partner.

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Re: where is it better to get Married in the west or back home

Postby TheDictator » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:30 pm

Never legally marry in the west unless you want all you money reappropriated.

Never wife a thot.

Do not marry a woman with kids.

Do not have kids in the west - sons are not bad, as long as you are middle class and bar them from chilling with other somalis. If you have a daughter in the west and raise her here she will become a T H O T regardless of wheter or not you teach her deen.


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