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Why is Somalia still in the Arab League?

what's happening now.

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Why is Somalia still in the Arab League?

Postby samirir » Fri May 29, 2020 9:46 am

You can’t say because of lineage because that’s been debunked. You can’t say because Somalis speak Arabic because most Somalis don’t speak Arabic. The language Somali is not an offshoot of Arabic Tigrinya and Amharic is more Arabic than the Somali language. At the end of the day it’s because we have slave mentality along with most other Africans. You got African countries still speaking French and bowing down to Frenchies. I swear, I’m fed up with Somalis. And btw did you ever wonder why do Afro-Arabs like Sudanese and Mauritanians etc where thawbs and turbans? It’s not because they’re religious. Even your average Egyptian, Algerian, Lebanese don’t wear that it’s because they’re so desperate to prove how Arab they are. Somalis aren’t that far off from the Sudanese. I won’t ever be content with Somalia until they leave the Arab League we should make a petition for Somalia to leave the Arab League. This is pathetic.


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