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Poem-The Day of Judgment (Qayamat)

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Poem-The Day of Judgment (Qayamat)

Postby husenqays » Thu Aug 04, 2005 3:32 pm

Asalaam aleikum, brothers and sisters, I would like to share with you this poem...

When the earth shall suffer a tremouring quake.
When men will ask, what has made her shake?
When mountains will fly in the air like flake.
The sun will be lowered and the earth shall bake.
The day when a loud trumpet be sounded,
And all that is standing shall then be grounded.
With a bang so loud, the ears will be pounded.
With fright and fear, the hearts will be wounded.
It is the day of a very loud burst,
The day when mountains will scatter like dust,
These are the signs of the day of just,
And the day of just, its coming is a must.
The bones shall be taken out of the clay,
And then be assembled back on that day,
And then he be asked, on earth did he pray,
Khums and Zakaat if ever did he pay.
Each will be asked, what did you earn,
And all that you earned, how did you earn.
How much of Islam and Qur'an did you learn,
And how many beggars' back did you turn.
Questions will be asked on weight and scale,
Whether you deceived in trade and sale,
If money you conned by making some tale,
The breakers of law will dwell in Hell.
You will be shown your sins and your deeds,
How much you hoard and what was your need,
How many hungry stomachs did you feed,
And wealth that you made by means of greed.
Women will be asked, where was your veil?
To cover up your hair, why did you fail,
Why you exposed unveiled to some male,
The guilty that day will burst into wale.
There will be faces, glorious and bright,
On reclined couches relaxed at a height,
And there will be faces filled with fright,
Exposed to heat, engulfed in plight.
A selfish soul will be the song of the day.
The guilty that day will have to say,
Whatever he owed, he will have to pay,
Fifty thousand years will make one day.
To save yourself from being at odd,
Open up your Qur'an and listen to your God,
Say "Oh, God, you are my Lord,
Your faith in my heart is old and broad.
Merciful you are and also mercy giving,
Under your command are the dead and living.
Great you are, the great all knowing,
Glory be to you, Oh eternally living.
Oh my Lord, forgive me my sins,
After all I am, just a human being,
For getting your blessings, really I am keen,
From this moment onwards, I shall remain clean.
And from the bottom of my heart, this is what I mean,
Asalaam aleikum


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