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LONG SERIES OF HTML5 GAMES: chapter1 part8

Qaybta Xirfada Sayniska iyo iwm

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LONG SERIES OF HTML5 GAMES: chapter1 part8

Postby afisoone » Fri May 22, 2015 9:09 pm

Now the hardest part went. Everything else is easy..

Now let's answer what is screen wrapping?

Screen wrapping is when an image disappears one side and reemerges on the opposite side. That is what is called screen wrapping. ok

How do you do that in this arrow image... We need to add some codes functionka updateStageka();

open your Object.js file and let add some codes on updateStageka. Since our arrow image is running left to right we are going to add this
simple code..
function updateStageka()
window.requestAnimationFrame(updateStageka, canvaska);




Beautiful: Now what we said is simple. If the canvaska haduu dhaafo imageka. Then So gali the arrow image from the other side.

anagoo ku dhahnay
Soo now let's watch what we did..here is the Demo

So now the image reappears again when it finishes the other end... Beautiful

Here is the another question. Why the arrow Image is crossing the left of the canvaska.

How do we stop it?

We will next lesson inshallah!

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