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PL health deliver medicine and other health staff to sanaag

Dadka ku dhaqan ama ka imaaday gobolkan

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PL health deliver medicine and other health staff to sanaag

Postby FBISOMALIA » Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:15 pm

Baran:(Allpuntland)-Wafti sare oo kasocda xafiiska wasaarada caafimaadka dawlada Puntland ee Soomaaliyeed ee gobolka Sanaag ee Puntland ayaa kormeer shaqo iyo taageeris dhanka caafimaadka ah ku tagay kudhawaad 20-goobood oo isugujira degmooyinka,tuulooyinka iyo Deegaanada hoostaga gobolka Sanaag ee Puntland kuwaas oo goobahaas geeyey kaalmooyin dhanka caafimaadka ah iyo gudi ka socda wasaarada caafimaadka ee dawlada Puntland.

Waftiga kasocda wasaarada caafimaadka oo uu horkacayo Isuduwaha wasaarada caafimaadka ee gobolka Sanaag Siciid Cabdullaahi Ducaale ayaa kormeeray xarumaha caafimaadka ee kajira deegaanada ay tageen gaar ahaana MCH-yada iyo isbitaalada ka jira deegaanadaas iyagoona dhagaystay baahiyaha dhabta ah ee deegaanadaas ka jira islamarkaasna gudoonsiiyey dawooyin iyo qalab fudud oo muhiim ah.

Isuduwaha Wasaarada caafimaadka ee gobolka Sanaag ayaa Warbaahinta u sheegey in ay si wanaagsan u qaybiyeen kaalmada wasaarada caafimaadka, isagoona sheegey in baahi xoogleh ay deegaanada qaarkood ka jiraan, wuxuuna sheegey in xogta deegaanadaas laga soo gudbiyo ay gaarsiin doonaan madaxda wasaarada caafimaadka, Kormeerka madaxda katirsan wasaarada caafimaadka ee tagay deegaanada katirsan gobolka Sanaag Bari ee Puntland ayaa imaanaya xili ay wasaarada caafimaadka dawlada Puntland wado shaqo culus oo dhanka caafimaadka ah islamarkaasna ay madaxda wasaaradu horey u sheegeen in qorshaha wasaarada ee Sanadkan ay Kow ka tahay gaarista iyo wax u qabashada dadka ka fog dhulka laamiga ah.

Cabdiqani Xayir
Allpuntland Team


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