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4000 OGs raised in kismaayo to defeat the british late 1890s

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Re: 4000 OGs raised in kismaayo to defeat the british late 1

Postby metamorphosis » Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:23 pm

^nicely put bro. I am not too familiar with how things are unfolding there but I can tell when a situation requires a different approach because of the uncertainty of the future. The mind is a very powerful tool which can be used to move mountains for freedom and in our case we need to impliment some changes. Be it strategical, logistical, combat tactical you name it. ONLF is less than 1% of the population under ilays authority. How are they supposed to deliver victory against the best trained and equipped army in Africa? I am not suggesting that onlf should surrender but something along the lines of mobilizing the people towards one goal...freedom. this idea has to be sold to the people first and then some other changes from the inside. The point is we cannot rely on onlf alone to bring us the change we so desperately desire.

I agree with you on replacing the elders but I would only add that they be allowed to pitch in their opinions. I think it is time to discard what doesnt work and adopt new ways that work.


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