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North Western Somalia- Anti-Maakhir

The region of Maakhir coast and its environs. Maakhir forum discusses current events, economic development and Somali Unity.

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North Western Somalia- Anti-Maakhir

Postby oldenglish » Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:36 am


A/Qudus N. Salah Donyale

Nearly a century past, the sovereign people of the Somali republic have been victimized by foreign suspects, charlatans and intermediaries who are short of the competence to provide an ethical and realistic perspective of our conflict----imitating to have an insight of the complex and rampant inter and intra clan competition that haunts the region. Thus they add fuel and wood into an already volatile situation. It began during the arrival of the colonial powers when indolent and ill referenced reporting methods became the policy norm of the Somali region. Considering this background, the monitoring groups latest report is only a continuation of a long practice that not only misguided policy objectives of economic development---spearheaded by those with good intentions---but has also humiliated the Somali national character and fed the world with one side of an information cocoon of a hopeless situation in Somalia. The report could be described in its least form and shape as a concerted, biased piece of propaganda that not only fails to qualify as an objective analysis of the Somali state and its current affairs but also spells a disastrous implication for any potential, comprehensive peace.

The Monitoring Group is an agency that was created for the purpose of reporting information regarding arms embargo violations and related matters. Ever since the appointment of Matt Bryden, the agency evolved more as a tool to disintegrate the unionists while advocating for the secessionist agenda of a minority group than its stated goal. His predisposed political stance is as ever visible in this report as the detectable influence from his in-laws.

The focus theme for Bryden now becomes the Sanaag region and the problems of piracy in Puntland based on a network of influences from his secessionist in-laws simply to paint a international gloomy picture of insecurity and instability in the region in such a manner that it drastically impedes or reverses the successful completion of development projects proposed by the awakened communities of Puntland. This consists of the jetty project, Makhir University Project and the construction of a paved road for which all are in their implementing stages. Evidence of a secessionist reaction is reflected throughout the whole report and I will point to few notes and derived sources that back the accusations.

"Monitoring Group investigations, involving interviews with sources possessing first-hand knowledge of piracy operations, ransom negotiations and/or payments, have confirmed that senior Puntland officials, including President Faroole and members of his Cabinet, notably the Minister of the Interior, General Abdullahi Ahmed Jama Ilkajiir and the Minister for Internal Security, General Abdillahi Sa`iid Samatar, have received proceeds from piracy and/or kidnapping." [1]

These disingenuous and baseless accusations come at a time when Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed (Faroole) and his Interior Minister General Abdullah Ahmed (Ilka Jiir) achieved unprecedented progress in channeling international support to new and existing initiatives---security sector reform---expansion of correctional facilities to better counter the criminal activities of Somali pirates and terrorist groups who mostly hail from outside of the autonomous region---and implementation of UNDP reform projects for the Finance and Administrative capacity of the diverse agencies of the State. Puntland leadership for the first time was received by renowned world leaders and was regarded as a significant player in eradicating a world problem (piracy).

Brydens secessionist cronies, made up of clan chauvinists were alarmed and threatened by both the increasing popularity of the Interior Minister Ilka Jiir and efforts of the administration pertaining to the Sanaag region. Bryden and his in-laws again suggest in case study 3 in the same report:

"Ilkajiir returned to Somalia from the United States late in 2008 to contest the Puntland presidency. According to multiple independent sources, Hanaano contributed over $200,000 to Ilkajiirs political campaign. Ilkajiir ultimately lost the election to Abdirahman Mohamed Faroole” who benefited from much larger pirate contributions to his political war chest ” and was awarded the post of Minister of the Interiora". [1]

An important factor to consider is the source of the political literature applied in this report and its unbalanced propagandist terms and content. Case study 3 is titled "The eastern Sanaag pirate militia". "Eastern Sanaag" is a term coined by the North Western secessionist group in order to create a political dispute between the powerful Warsangeli clan of Puntland and their territorial entitlement of the region.

The above statement was certainly a secessionist engineered propaganda as evidenced by the source used by the monitoring group “Qarannews”[3]. Brydens desperate attempt to suggest imposing sanctions on Ilka Jiir and Faroole based on the reporting of Qarannews is indeed more insulting than humorous.

The report further demonstrates lazy findings of men incompetent in producing transparent and balanced approaches of research. The accusations continue:

"Maxamed Saciid Atam and Eastern Mujaahidiin: Although he remains essentially a Warsengeli clan warlord, Atom reportedly calls his militia the "Eastern Sanaag Mujahidien" and has strengthened ties with Al-Shabaab during the course of 2009. A significant number of non-Warsengeli militia are reported to have recently joined his group. His training camp at Galgala remained active in 2009, and the Monitoring Group has received reports about two related training centres in the Bari region. Numerous sources indicate that there are several non-Somali instructors at the Galgala camp, and according to eyewitness reports delegations from southern Al-Shabaab groups have been regular visitors."

"Late in 2009, Atom personally visited the town of Laascaanood, where he reportedly established an operational cell. There have since been several attacks with improvised explosive devices against Somaliland forces in the town, although it is unclear whether these may be Atom`s responsibility or the work of an autonomous Dhulbahante clan militia." [1]

In todays Somalia, journalists and others in the industry are being subjected to various forms of violence ranging from arbitrary detentions to killings. Lack of a functioning government birthed a poor working and unsafe condition for the journalists as the greatest impediment to progress in the industry. This fact along with diminishing international funding reflects the poor media performance through the presence of unethical reporting and lack of professionalism.

Moreover, in light of this consideration, the Monitoring Groups report can be dismissed as incredible given that most of the sources on their footnotes are unpopular Somali sites. Mr. Atam had never issued a Press Statement prior to the publication of this controversial report nor has he ever written anything pertaining to his political ambitions. The report also mentions that talks between Puntland and Mr. Atam were suspended and backing it with sources from allidamaale.com and sp am.com. [2]

As a result of these baseless accusations reported by the Monitoring Group, residents of Laasqoray, Dhahar, Badhan and Ceerigaabo of Sanaag region came out to demonstrate against the false and repeated attacks by the Monitoring Group. Residents rallying on the streets of Laasqoray pleaded for their voices to be heard. For those who followed Puntlands political process clearly witness Atams accusation as an arms dealer and a terrorist as ridiculous as President Faroole being linked with piracy. The people of Puntland are only requesting a neutral and credible agency that is detached from Somalias raging political competition.

A/Qudus N. Salah Donyale


[1] Monitoring group report:
http://daccess-dds-ny.un.org/doc/UNDOC/ ... penElement

Monitoring group incredible sources:

[2] http://sp am.net/2010/01/05/wararka-1762/ and http://allidamaale.com/Rayiga-138.htm.

[3 ]http://www.qarannews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3867&Itemid=62


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