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autarkic environment, local produce & HG diet

Galmudug General Discussions
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Re: autarkic environment, local produce & HG diet

Postby TheNewElectedWarLord » Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:59 am

Considering the scarcity of the water in that region I assume these beans don’t need a lot of water .
Yeah, they plant it on the rain season, considering central somalia gets A lot of rain during the rainy season. Central somalia can grow anything but it just doesn't have a river. I think if a huge rainwater collecting dam is made central somalia can be more self-sufficient.

Central somalia already has a lot of lemon, watermelon, Bean, sorghum, papaya (babaay), tomatoes and many other small farms, they just need investment.

Some people have small Dams that collects and saves some amount of rainwater and later on use it on their farms, some relay on wells, or city fountain waters.

They need solar powered wells too.
Great this is much needed knowledge up north. The further you go north the less ppl know about farming.
Yeah, the people of somalia must be taught about farming, every region may not grow everything but at least it can grow something. I belief all of somalia can grow at least something.

The people must be taught about farming and fishing, somalia is full of resources yet the people are hungry and not know about it . Fishing could keep coastal communities and they go go sell it to other communities if they want.

Same goes to farming.


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