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nt of, because that is th

Galmudug General Discussions
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nt of, because that is th

Postby ylq » Thu Jan 02, 2020 2:01 am

I haven't been able to read a book so quietly for a long time, and this Spring Festival is particularly alive because of a "Postman Fred". The hero of the book, Fred, is only one of the most ordinary postman jobs, but he is engaged in this job with unparalleled enthusiasm, and in the ordinary work, he provides customers with value in passion and dedication Services, and constantly challenge and go beyond simple guest services. His services have gone beyond his job responsibilities, and continuous improvement and innovation in his work have become part of his life. This is Fred's professionalism. He has done extraordinary things in ordinary jobs. From an ordinary postman to an outstanding leap Newport Cigarettes, he has become a household name in the United States. Fred, he has achieved that not everyone can become Fred. He has been engaged in service work for many years. He may have been fatigued in service and fatigued the relationship. He has hated this time and again many times when he claims to treat women as men. "Being a man as a farm animal", while proclaiming with unparalleled pride that I am a glorious mobile person Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Behind the pain and happiness must be an unwavering devotion, a love of your work, and a love of this lush year of passion. There are four young people in life: there are things to do, someone to love, dreams, and how much "broken silver" can be squandered, and things to bear the brunt of, because that is the basis of survival. Going to love it? Persevere because of love, and this love is a big love, it can enlarge our dreams and inspire ourselves to keep making progress. In fact, it is not difficult to make a good Fred. Everything must start with yourself and start with small things. We deal with different customers and friends every day. We face them with sincerity and think in other places. Imagine that the customer is himself and his closest relative. Really understanding and helping them can deeply understand the customer's feelings, discover market information and customer needs, and win a larger market share in the 3G market. When our information products are recognized by our customers, we can share our joy and congratulations with our customers. When there are after-sale problems, we can also solve the difficulties for our customers as soon as possible, and we can never tire of the marketing expansion process because Customers are our friends and our loved ones Parliament Cigarettes. Good friendship can multiply joy and halve pain. Can i I have asked myself so many times. The pressure of life and the pressure of work make people breathless, and persistence is such a valuable thing, because only by persistence can the true jade be refined. I remember that someone once asked Lin Hao, the quake-resistant hero in the Wenchuan earthquake, and asked him to be a flag-bearer for Yao Ming at the opening ceremony. Incomparably simple words, but reflected the clear heart of the child's stream. We used to be brilliant, but that was yesterday. Today, we should have an empty cup mentality and learn from other operators as learners. This is what the leaders of the communications industry should have. Since you can't change your life, it's even more impossible to change your destiny. Then change yourself, and work hard to transform yourself into a brand new self, happy life, and happy work. When you look back, you will find a lot of gains. Even more, life has won a deep foundation. This foundation will be a wealth that can be used for life. At least, at this moment, this flowing time can become vivid and enriched. The years are quiet, and the persistence in ordinary life is not easy. , With breathtaking beauty, Fred! He did it. Can i I think I can too, because I'm proud of being a Ji'an mobile person, so I can
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