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Hass Petroleum in Lasanod

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Re: Hass Petroleum in Lasanod

Postby weydamal » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:47 am

A note on the Somali presence in Oman, which goes back a few hundred years ago. Somalis, mostly Majeerteen, Warsangeli, Dashiishe and Dhulbahante, have a presence in the Dhofar region that stretches back to at least 250 years. They went there as frankincense traders and soldiers. One of the villages they established is called Sadah ( or Saddax in Somali) along the Omani coast. It is sometimes transcribed as Sadh or Sidh from the Arabic. Saddax was a major trading port for frankincense and was inhabited by these Somalis. It lies some 130 kms east of Salalah. It was called Saddax because it was the third port from Salalah, after Taqah and Mirbat.

Today most of these Somalis live in Salalah and Muscat.


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