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For MBA Holders - Goldman Sachs Job Offering

Qaybta Dadka Baayacmushtarka ah

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For MBA Holders - Goldman Sachs Job Offering

Postby Paisa » Tue May 25, 2010 8:07 pm

"Finance and Strategy" Job @ Goldman Sachs specifically targeting black MBA students

Finance and Strategy Analyst
Employer: Goldman Sachs
Location: New York, New York United States
Last Updated: 04/08/2010
Job Type: Employee
Job Status: Full Time
Shift: 1st Shift

Job Description
Summary: Goldman Sachs Investment Management Division ("IMD") is a leading asset management and private wealth management business. IMD offers a broad product line consisting of all primary asset classes and maintains a global distribution platform designed to serve a diverse client base of institutions and individuals. Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer of IMD, the Finance and Strategy team collaborates closely with senior management on projects impacting the growth and profitability of the division as a whole, as well as with the leadership of IMD's business units on specific financial issues and strategic initiatives.

Duties & Responsibilities: The work of the Finance and Strategy team is project based, with typical durations spanning a few days to several months. Projects vary in nature, and require team members to add financial and strategic insight to assist management in resolving issues that many large companies typically face. The Finance and Strategy Analyst is expected to actively participate in projects and develop expertise in the data, financial systems and operating infrastructure, establish relationships throughout the business, and communicate results effectively. Some recent projects and analyses include:
- Presentation on IMD’s financials, strategy, risk management and product performance for GS Board
- Benchmarking of operating results vs. key industry competitors
- Marginal profitability analysis to support pricing of new mandates
- Global resource allocation and prioritization of strategic initiatives
- Regular reporting and analysis of fully allocated profitability by business
- P&L forecasting for current and future years, including firmwide budget process
- Financial modeling and analysis of Emerging Market expansion initiatives
- Compensation strategy and analysis

Qualifications/Preferred Skills:
- Ideal candidates will have strong quantitative and analytical skills, be detail-oriented and proficient in building and handling complicated models
- Candidates must demonstrate an ability to effectively communicate and present results highlighting the broader commercial and strategic impact.
- Candidates must be extremely proactive and work well in a team environment, with the ability to excel as part of small project teams.
- Candidates should be comfortable developing relationships throughout the firm and building networks within the division as well as with the federation areas.
- All team members are required to work with significant volumes of data and systems.
- Upon joining the team, candidates should expect a challenging, fast-paced environment that will require the ability to focus on and deliver multiple projects effectively.

Preferred candidates will possess:
- 1-2 years of financial services or related work experience.
- Additionally, experience with large data sets, technology and exposure to Asset Management, Management Consulting or Investment Banking industries a plus.

Application: To apply for this position, please send your resume to Jennifer.Sutton@gs.com. Include F&S – NBMBAA in the subject line.

My take:
This job being geared to black mba, anyone with target school or at least top tier mba holder should apply. Knowing other languages helps. A good exit strategy too, f500, corporate finance roles, hedge funds etc. Good luck all.


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