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Entrepreneurs Soo Gaal

Qaybta Dadka Baayacmushtarka ah

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Entrepreneurs Soo Gaal

Postby Bari14 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:25 am

Greetings Somalinet,

My day job consists of maintaining IT infrastructure for a Healthcare company :snoop:
But for my side gig, my partners and I have gotten into the business of helping other entrepreneurs with
strong potential (aka Venture Capitalist / Software Dev Industry) succeed in their start-up ventures. We do this through
providing Tech infrastructure that caters to their business model, cash injections (with the right dealsheets), and consulting
throughout the entire process.

Lets see what type of entrepreneurs we got here on Somalinet.

Mr. Johnson's Dadaab Video post had me feeling some type of way so now I'm determined to build a team :win:

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Re: Entrepreneurs Soo Gaal

Postby Ismaeilwarsame » Fri Jan 23, 2015 3:27 pm

Hi, my name is Ismaeil and I have pharmaceuticals products, veterinary, herbal Medicine, medical disposables, OTC, cosmetics etc in a warehouse in India. I was planning to distribute the products in Mogadishu since security has returned and I was basically looking for distributors or traders in that area.

Keeping us ahead in the race, is our service provided 98% on-time, error free delivery, and our assurance to have you get what you need when you need it as we strongly believe in partnership and long term relationship.
Small tour to our product rang:

Pharmaceuticals Generic Tablet (Cephalosporins, Betalactum & Non – Betalactum)
Generic Capsule (Cephalosporins, Betalactum & Non – Betalactum)
Syrup and dry-syrup (Cephalosporins, Betalactum & Non – Betalactum) Injections (Cephalosporins, Betalactum & Non – Betalactum)
Injections- Dry powder & Liquid (General)
Pro biotic formulations
Life style formulation
Soft Gelatin Capsule
Skin care creams and powders
Herbal Formulations
OTC Formulation

Cosmetics Herbal Cosmetics

Medical Disposables Disposables (Hospitals & Nursing homes)

Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Paracetamol / Acetomenophane (BP/USP)
Ambroxol HCL (BP)
Methocrbomol (USP)

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Re: Entrepreneurs Soo Gaal

Postby arsenal7 » Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:06 pm

Interesting but I don't think that Somalia is ready for this type of business because I believe that the UN provide their hospitals with medicines. It is another story though if you want to open a pharmacy.

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Re: Entrepreneurs Soo Gaal

Postby Bari14 » Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:02 am

Very interesting predicament you got there but what I'm looking for are people with great business ideas that have the drive to build on their proof of concept. A pharmacy would be a good idea but what is the ultimate purpose?

If it's just to unload aging pharmaceuticals before theor exp date then that seems like more of a mission task than innovative idea

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Re: Entrepreneurs Soo Gaal

Postby Aishabusiness » Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:11 pm

Hey my name is Aisha. I live in the UK and I am on here to offer my services. I have basically started 3 successful businesses so far in my career. I currently earn £15,000 a month from investments and businesses . I started all my businesses single handedly at from the age of 18 , I am now 22 years old.
Now the reason I am on here ?

I run mentoring sessions for local kids from white families and neighbours, and I basically help them start their own businesses. I don't really live near somalis and would love to help out my own community.

Although I do charge for my help to start businesses and mentor I, I have decided yo cut the cost by more than half in order to help my brothers and sisters .

If you have any inquaries please email me at Aisha.business@hotmail.com


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