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For Sale Brand New PIoneer Dj Mixer for just $750

Soomaalida waddankan ku dhaqan

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For Sale Brand New PIoneer Dj Mixer for just $750

Postby celtexwire » Sun Jul 08, 2007 12:40 pm

We have all brands of Mobile Phones,Ipods,Sidekicks,Nextels phone,Laptops,Plasma Tv,LCD,Flat screen for sell at cheap and affordable
prices, they ranges from Nokia/Samsung/LG/Sony Zricsson/Motorola/Alcatel/panasonic With Bluetooth, all Brands and Models of Nextel Phones,we want you to get back to us with your quote so that we can begin a good business relationship. Note they are all Brand New T2 Euro and American specs, unlocked, no operator logo, come in their original sealed box, With 1 year international warranty from the manufacturer, English & Spanish manual. We want to assure you that you will never regret buying from us because the delivery will
be to your doorstep via FedEx Courier service.

Nokia N95. ---------------------------- 280usd
Nokia N73. ----------------------------230usd
Nokia N93 ----------------------------220usd
Nokia N92 ----------------------------200usd
Nokia N91 ----------------------------180usd
Nokia N90 ----------------------------180usd
Nokia N80 ----------------------------170usd
Nokia N70 ----------------------------160usd
Nokia 8800. ---------------------------- 200usd
Nokia 9300i. ----------------------------180usd
Nokia9500 ---------------------------- 180usd
Nokia E61 ----------------------------180usd
NOKIA 8800 ------------------------------$240 USD
NOKIA 7600(UNLOCK)--------------------------------$170 USD
NOKIA 8910 Titanium---------------------------------- $100 USD
NOKIA 8850 SPECIAL EDITION--------------------------$105 USD
NOKIA 8850 GOLD EDITION---------------------------------- $100 USD
NOKIA 8910 Black---------------------------------- $110 USD
NOKIA 9210 Communicator-- --------------------------------$110 USD
NOKIA 9210i Communicator---------------------------------- $110 USD
NOKIA 8910i-- --------------------------------$150 USD
NOKIA 9500 --------------------------------$195USD
NOKIA 8850 GOLD EDITION-- -------------------------------$120
NOKIA 9300--------------------------------$160 USD
Nokia Vertu-------------------------------- $155 USD
Nokia 5140i-------------------------------- $125 USD
Nokia 6230i --------------------------------$115 USD
Nokia 6021 --------------------------------$105 USD
Nokia 6030 --------------------------------$115 USD
Nokia 6680 --------------------------------$125 USD
Nokia 6681 --------------------------------$120 USD
Nokia 6101 --------------------------------$110 USD
Nokia 6822 --------------------------------$110 USD
Nokia 7710 --------------------------------$110 USD
Nokia 6170 --------------------------------$145 USD
Nokia 6260 --------------------------------$145 USD
Nokia 3510i-------------------------------- $95 USD
Nokia 6630 --------------------------------$120 USD
Nokia 7260 --------------------------------$120 USD
Nokia 7270 --------------------------------$110 USD
Nokia 7280 --------------------------------$120 USD
Nokia 6670 --------------------------------$110 USD
Nokia 6020 --------------------------------$120 USD
Nokia 3220-------------------------------- $65 USD
Nokia N-GAGE QD----------------------$95 USD
Nokia 7610-------------------------------- $120 USD
Nokia 5140-------------------------------- $85 USD
Nokia 6610i -------------------------------$120 USD
Nokia 7200-------------------------------- $133 USD
Nokia 6230 --------------------------------$145 USD
Nokia 6820-------------------------------- $120 USD
Nokia 7600 --------------------------------$105 USD
Nokia 6600-------------------------------- $120 USD
Nokia 6800-------------------------------- $105 USD
Nokia 6220-------------------------------- $120 USD
Nokia 6620 --------------------------------$120 USD
Nokia 7250i-------------------------------- $65 USD
Nokia 8910i --------------------------------$120 USD
Nokia 6100 --------------------------------$95 USD
NOKIA 9500 --------------------------------$195 USD
NOKIA 8850 GOLD EDITION-------------------------------- $120 USD
NOKIA 9300 -------------------------------- $160 USD
MOTOROLA MPX 220 ----------------------120usd,
MOTOROLA MPX 300----------------------160usd,
MOTOROLA V661 ----------------------145USD
Motorola A388C----------------------170 USD
Motorola A760----------------------250 USD
Motorola A768----------------------260 USD
Motorola A768i----------------------200 USD
Motorola A780.----------------------290 USD
Motorola C550.----------------------90 USD
Motorola C650----------------------100 USD
Motorola E365----------------------100 USD
Motorola E398----------------------120 USD
Motorola E680----------------------240 USD
Motorola RAZR V3----------------------270 USD
Motorola V220----------------------170 USD
Motorola V303----------------------100 USD
Motorola V400----------------------150 USD
Motorola V500----------------------150 USD
Motorola V501----------------------200 USD
Motorola V525----------------------150 USD
Motorola V600 (OEM) w/ Bluetooth Headset..------260 USD
Motorola V600 OEM----------------------180 USD
Motorola V690.----------------------170 USD
Motorola V750.----------------------180 USD
Motorola V80----------------------200 USD
Motorola V80 with Bluetooth-------260 USD
Motorola V872----------------------200 USD
Motorola V878----------------------180 USD
Motorola V300----------------------150 USD
NEXTEL 1930----------------------120USD
NEXTEL i870----------------------140usd
NEXTEL i450 ----------------------90usd
NEXTEL 1860 ----------------------110USD
NEXTEL i90c ----------------------95USD
NEXTEL i95cl ---------------------- 100USD
NEXTEL i30sx ---------------------- 103USD
NEXTEL i88s ---------------------- 40USD
NEXTEL i35s ---------------------- 30USD
NEXTEL i58sr----------------------55USD
NEXTEL i2000---------------------- 50USD
NEXTEL i850 ----------------------.105usd
SIDEKICK 1 ----------------------100 USD
SIDEKICK 2 ----------------------120USD
T-MOBILE SIDEKICK 3 ----------------------150USD

Apple iphone ----------------------------$300
HTC P4350 ----------------------------$250
HTC Tytn. ----------------------------$300
Samsung D900 ----------------------------200usd
Samsung E770 ----------------------------200usd
Samsung E900 ----------------------------220usd
Samsung X820 ----------------------------200usd
Samsung Z400 ----------------------------180usd
Samsung D600 ----------------------------.160usd

LG 7050----------------------------120 USD
LG 7100----------------------------125 USD
LG B2050----------------------------$133 USD
LG C1200----------------------------136 USD
LG C3300----------------------------138 USD
LG Chocolate KG800----------------105 USD
LG F2250----------------------------128 USD
LG F2400----------------------------175 USD
LG KG220----------------------------130 USD
LG KG225----------------------------140 USD
LG KG920----------------------------145 USD
LG L343i----------------------------130 USD
LG L5100----------------------------132 USD

Qtek 8500 ----------------------------150usd
Qtek S200 ---------------------------- 180usd
Qtek 9000 ---------------------------- 230usd
Qtek 8310 ---------------------------- 200usd

ETEN Torg 120 ----------------------------$250
ETEN M600 ----------------------------$250
ETEN M500 pda phone ----------------------------$210
ETEN TORQ 120 ----------------------------$220
ETEN G500 Quadband ----------------------------$240
ETEN G500 PDA ----------------------------$230

iMate Jasjar----------------------------250usd
iMate K-Jam.----------------------------170usd
iMate PDA2k.----------------------------210usd
iMate Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone----------------$205usd
I-MATE Smartflip----------------------------140 USD
I-MATE K-JAM ----------------------------180 USD
I-MATE SP5 ----------------------------150 USD
I-MATE SP5m ----------------------------155 USD
I-MATE SP4m ----------------------------120 USD
I-MATE JAM Black---------------------------- $150 USD
I-MATE PDA2----------------------------190 USD
I-MATE PDA2k ----------------------------168 USD
I-MATE SP3i ----------------------------132 USD
I-MATE SP3----------------------------135 USD
I-MATE Pocket PC----------------------------140 USD
I-MATE Smartphone2----------------------------110 USD
I-MATE Smartphone ----------------------------115 USD

Sony Ericsson W850i ----------------------------.230usd
Sony Ericsson P910i ----------------------------220usd
Sony Ericsson W900i ----------------------------.200usd
Sony Ericsson W950i ----------------------------220usd
Sony Ericsson W800i ----------------------------200usd
Sony Ericsson K800i ----------------------------180usd
Sony Ericsson K600i ----------------------------.160usd

Blackberry 7290--------------------------150 USD
AT&T Blackberry7280---------------------------180 USD
Blackberry 16MB col---------------------------220 USD
Blackberry 8700c---------------------------250 USD
Blackberry 7230 ---------------------------220 USD
Blackberry 7290---------------------------180 USD
Brand new HP IPaq Pocket PC H4150---------------------------190 USD
Brand new Asus MyPal A716 ---------------------------175 USD
Brand new HP IPaq Pocket PC H4350---------------------------185 USD
Brand new Toshiba Pocket PC E405---------------------------120 USD
Brand new Sony Clie PEG-TH55 ---------------------------155 USD

Pamtreo 600 ----------------------------180usd
Pamtero 650 ----------------------------200usd
Treo 700 ----------------------------220usd
Treo 750 ----------------------------210usd
Palm Treo 700wx ----------------------------220usd
T Mobile Compact Li ----------------------------200usd

02 Atom Exec. ----------------------------..220us d
02 XDA Atom ----------------------------.200usd
02 XDA NEO ----------------------------.180usd
02 ORBIT ----------------------------250usd
Xbox 360 Core System - ---------------------------- 200usd
Xbox 360 Prenium pack - ----------------------------220usd
Xbox 360 Platinum Bundle Console ----------------------------220usd
Nintendo Wii (Nintendo Wii) ----------------------------150usd
Sony PSP 4GB Core Bundle . ----------------------------160usd
New Tickle Me Elmo T.M.X ----------------------------..100 usd
play station 1. ---------------------------- 120 USD
play station 2 ----------------------------130 USD
play station 3 ----------------------------.250 USD

Apple iPod nano Media Player 2GB ----------------------------60usd
Apple iPod nano Media Player 4GB ----------------------------80usd
Apple iPod nano Media Player 6GB ....100usd
Apple 2 GB iPod Nano ----------------------------60USD
Apple 4 GB iPod Nano ----------------------------.100USD
Apple 30 GB iPod Video ----------------------------.120usd
Apple 60 GB iPod Video. ----------------------------.150USD

SONY VAIO A217S-- 100GB-- 512MB RAM-- XPHOME-------------$300
SONY VAIO B1VP-- 40GB HD-- 512MB RAM-- XPPRO--------------$330
SONY VAIO T370P/L-- 60GB HD-- 512MB RAM--XP----------------$200
SONY VAIO A215Z 60GB HD-- 512MB RAM--XP------------------$2450
SONY VAIO A397XP-- 80GB HD-- 512MB RAM--XP----------------$300
SONY VAIO B100B08 60GB HD-- 512MB RAM--XP---------------$250
SONY VAIO B100B08 60GB HD-- 512MB RAM--XP---------------$400
SONY VAIO FS295VP 80GB HD-- 512MB RAM--XP---------------$350
SONY VAIO FS215Z 100GB HD-- 512MB RAM--XP---------------$350
SONY VAIO A417M 80GB HD-- 512MB RAM--XP-----------------$450
SONY VAIO B1VP-- 40GB HD-- 512MB RAM-- XPPRO-------------$200
SONY VAIO T370P/L-- 60GB HD-- 512MB RAM-- XPPRO----------$400
SONY VAIO LAPTOP-- VGN-A117S---------------$300

Toshiba Satellite PRO L10 ---------------------------- $320
Toshiba M200 ---------------------------- $500
Toshiba R100 ---------------------------- $450
Toshiba Qosmio E10- ---------------------------- $650
tshiba Satellite PRO L20 ---------------------------- $250
Toshiba M100 ---------------------------- $680
Toshiba M300 ---------------------------- $740
Toshiba Portege- ---------------------------- A200 $320
Toshiba Satellite L10 ---------------------------- $330
Toshiba Qosmio F20 ---------------------------- $500

Dell Latitude D600 ----------------------------$290
Dell Latitude D500 ---------------------------- $200
Dell Inspiron 6000 ---------------------------- $350
Dell Latitude D505 ----------------------------$340
Dell Latitude D610 ---------------------------- $460
Dell Latitude D510 ---------------------------- $320
Dell Inspiron 9300 ---------------------------- $530
Dell Inspiron 700m ----------------------------$1020
Dell Inspiron 700M for Home (Pentium M 1.70GHz, 512MB,
40GB)== $550
Dell Inspiron 2200 for Home (Celeron 1.50GHz, 256MB,
40GB)== $400

Thanks And God Bless You
Craig Williams


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