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about kitesurfing...


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about kitesurfing...

Postby StefanoC » Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:42 am

Hello guys, my name is Stefano and i'm a professional kitesurfer and manager of 2 school of kitesurfing in Indonesia in the Lombok region,
i was wondering about kiteboarding in Somalia, in particolar in Mogadishu area, and Puntland region,
I would love to take a trip to Somalia to bring the knowledge of this beautiful sport that also has very high potential of tourism growth,
would be very helpful to have news of the wind in these regions,
I know that Somalia is a nation very windy but I do not know about the regional wind,
in particular it would be interesting to know the constancy of the wind in the lagoon of Hordiyo, (how many days/year and possibly the intensity ')
thanks to anyone who can help me in this research


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