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Somali President declares football as a tool for ‘peace "

Kubada Cagta

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Somali President declares football as a tool for ‘peace "

Postby hurdaayetoos » Wed Nov 20, 2013 4:31 am

Somali President declares football as a tool for ‘peace and development

The president of the federal republic of Somalia Professor Hassan Sheik Mahmoud has confessed that football was a major element used for peace building, youth development, public integration and prevention of violence in Somalia, thanking the world’s football governing body (FIFA) for its continued support to the country’s football Federation (SFF).
The president made the announcement during his visit to the FIFA-rebuilt facility ‘stadium Banadir’ where he enjoyed watching of a hotly-contested football match on Tuesday afternoon.
Somali Football federation president Ali Said Guled Roble and Secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab welcomed the nation’s president Professor Hassan Sheik Mahmoud to the stadium where they invited him to kick the first ball of Tuesday’s Jeenyo –Elman FC clash before a major audience.
“Football is a huge sign for peace and youth development in Somalia, I see some tangible progresses like the ongoing football league which is taking place at such beautiful facility—I would like to thank FIFA for this unique outcome” noted Somali President Professor Hassan Sheik Mahmoud who also praised the Somali Football Federation for accomplishing much more than can be done in such war-devastated country.
“On behalf of the nation of I am sending a message of goodwill and gratefulness to FIFA president Joseph S. Blatter and his executive committee through Somali Football Federation, as a government we believe that FIFA and SFF had played a key role in peace building and development in the country” Somali President Professor Hassan Sheik Mahmoud emphasized.
The president termed Somali FA as ‘the sole’ organization which had carried out very positive development programs in the country, adding that his government was fully appreciating the SFF’s wide range of tasks being done in the country.
“As president of the nation of Somalia, I am ready to help Somali Football Federation volunteers reach their target for culminating in higher football progress, youth development and spread messages of peace through their football for peace programs across the country” president Hassan Sheik Mahmoud told during his visit to Stadium Banadir on Tuesday 19th of November 2013.
Professor Mahmoud became the first Somali president to attend the country’s top level league in nearly 30 years.
Somali Football Federation President Ali Said Guled Roble, Secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab and the entire SFF executive committee members thanked the president for devoting his expensive time to come to the stadium and watch football match among thousands of football fans.
Source: http://www.cecafafootball.org/index.php ... evelopment


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