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Some of Most Prominent Somali Figures to date

Taariikhda Soomaaliya ee ka horeysey intaan xoriyada la qaadan

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Some of Most Prominent Somali Figures to date

Postby sector9 » Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:05 pm

The following are some of the most respectful and inspiring Somali figures to date:

Aden Abdullah Osman Daar - The first President of Somalia - (Hawiye)

Abdullahi Issa Mohamud - Chairman of SYL and The first Prime Minster of Somalia - (Hawiye)

Maxamed Naxar The first chairman of the SNL and one of founders - (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Xaaji Yuusuf Xaaji Aadan (1914-2005) The first founder of Somali political party in Somaliland and poineer of Somali education also the composer of the Somali national anthem.(Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Dr.Hussein Mohammed Adam "Tanzania" - Famouse Somali Academic, Harvard phd holder in Political Science, Publisher, Professor and Founder of Several Somali/Education Insitutions -(Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Sayid Axmed Sheekh Muuse (1910-1979) The founder of Xisbul Allah, the First Religious Part, and the first ever Somali to graduate from Azhar University, Cairo.(Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Engineer Said Faarax (1910-1963) the first Ever Somali civil engineer and Person to graduate from Edinbrough university class of 1933, Also the designer of Burco city roads and much of colonial infrastructures.(Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Maxamed Aadan Caws Yawle (1890-1953) - Famous Prominent Somali Poet. (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Col. Hassan Kayd Walanwal - First Ever East African to enter Sand Hurst Military Academy, and was the leader of the Famouse Somaliland Coup of 1961. (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Ali "Shiine" Abdirahman - The first Ever Somali commercial pilot.- (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Mahamuud Ahmed Ali - The first modern Somali educator and "The Father of Somali education". - (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

AbdiRahmaan Ahmed Ali (Tuur) - First President Of the Self-Declared Republic of Somaliland and Last Chairman of the SNM. - (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Saeed Mohammed 'Doobe' - One of the biggest landowners in Somalia and friend of King Faisal bin Abdul Azziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia. - (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Jama Osman Kalun - Somali Fisher Minister and former Deputy Prime Minister of TNG. (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Abdullah Maxamed Sultan - An Islamic leader who defended the Isaaq clan from the British around 1910 to 1933. - (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Mouleed Ismail Jama - First Somali to attend Cambridge University in 1925.- (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Haji Yussuf Iman - Famous Somali Milionnaire tycoon and politician.- (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Abdisalan Ibrahim Hereri - Famous BBC Broadcaster and Journalist, and now Presenter on Universal TV - (Isaaq/HabarYoonis-Idrays Cabdale)

Shiekh Mustafe Haaji Ismail Harun - Famous Somali Culuma Sheikh. - (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Adan Nuux Dulle - Famous BBC Broadcaster and Journalist - (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gabose -, Former Somaliland Interior Minister, Chairman of SAHAN Somaliland political party and Promnent Dr - (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Proffessor Sheikh Abdi Salaan Yasiin - Teacher of King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia - (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Mohamed Yasin "Olaad" Founder and CEO of Daalo Airlines, a leading Somali owned Airline. (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

Saeed Sheikh Mahamed Abdullah - PhD holder in Economics at University of Paris, and founded Hargeisa College of Applied Arts and Technology - (Isaaq/HabarYoonis)

K'naan - poet/philosopher/rapper - (Hawiye- Sacad)

Abdi Bashiir Indhobuur - poet/composer of many wadani songs like "Arligeygow" - (Hawiye)

Yousuf Garad, - Journalist and Director of the BBC somali service - (Hawiye)

Feel free to add your Somali leaders/achievers you felt inspired by and why.

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Re: Some of Most Prominent Somali Figures to date

Postby abdibir » Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:52 pm

how come i never heard of Haji Yussuf Iman - Famous Somali Milionnaire tycoon and politician.- (Isaaq/HabarYoonis).,.. what is he do beside politician.. is he a owner of bussinesss


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