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Su Yan, you can

Galmudug General Discussions
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Joined: Mon May 13, 2019 10:24 pm

Su Yan, you can

Postby ylq » Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:30 pm

Su Yan, you can see you everywhere, such as seeing the fall in the late autumn, and dancing for a time in the spring and autumn; falling back to the roots, but also hidden a few floating. The wind that does not ask for contempt still retains your fragrance, and the unbearable rain can infiltrate my heart. Try to see flowers and flowers, whoever endures its dying, but it is also difficult to escape; looking around the clouds and clouds, why do you have to stay, just because you want to leave your own traces in the sky. When I met you, I would rosy my cheeks when I met you. Although there is no hope, it can not cover the waves of inner and ups and downs. Your eyes are clear, washing the loneliness that has been sealed in my heart for a long time; your tears are reluctant, and the deep stubborn attachment of my soul is crystallized. It was the strolling along the river that year, and the clear stream witnessed my tenderness to you; it was also the one-step clearing at that time, and the volume of Shen Yun understood your accommodation. I still remember our embarrassment, I didn't dare to look at your ice. The cold eyes were frozen and the spring was full of vitality. I took the red lotus in your heart in the millennium. From beginning to end are the exchanges of eyes. You only said three slight words to me, but I understand the face-to-face communication, the tenderness of the heart, the bamboo movement, the bamboo forest, the bamboo leaves and the deep communication. The cold, the warmth and the gentleness of yours. Still the bamboo forest we are squatting, listening to the prelude of meeting. The sound of the wind is not the sound of your time. The air seems to stop flowing, and my soul is no longer late, rushing to your gentle phantom. It��s all empty! However, the bamboo leaves on the soles of the feet remain, leaving your fragrance fragrant and silent, and you can't find your clear shadow. After all, it will hurt. Your night has been gently drifting away with the wind, there is no excuse, no What reason, the only difference, is that you have empathy! ! Your space is no longer pitiful. You said that your happiness has nothing to do with me, my retention has become entangled. You like the past, you always love and enjoy the moon together. Every month and a half, every month, every step of the light, smoke and fog, a total of steps in the West Gate. Look at the window to condense the moon, pour a lot of swaying, the moonlight is like water, and your eyes are full of ice crystal tears Parliament Cigarettes. Suffering on my heart, silently and a few degrees of spring and autumn, the moon shadow branches Newport Cigarettes Coupons, look at the green fat red thin. The floating cloud even wraps around the cold moon, but sees the moon palace and Fu Yushu sighing and leaving. If you want to have a year, you will step into the palace, and you will be relieved of tears and help the Yushu. Still lacking in the moon, half a month like a bow, although the moon is missing, it also contains the essence of shining. Although it hurts, it does not change the moon. Yushu crystal clear, withered for a thousand years of jade leaves. I want to break through the red dust in the past, and the millennium waits for the West Lake Leifeng Pagoda? I like that you always love to wear a pink �� skirt, always want to be naked on the neck. After the first hair bundle, a few squats hang the ear, the breeze strokes, and the heart beats. I can't forget to look at you with words Marlboro Lights, speechless confession, don't want to bother you, only so, heart to meet. Even so, always go for a walk and look forward to your dreams. After a few dreams, I will dance with you and dance with you. When you know it as a dream, it is also sweet, because you are accompanied, and there is always a warmth in the cold winter. You are speechless. The scene that meets you will not be re-enacted, just want to take away the last memory, so that you can embroider your fish and geese on the landscape painting, and the West Lake in the past, your vague shadow when you parting.
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